Interview Part 2, New Beta Build, and Plot Work

Work continues on plot encounter design and drafting. It's still pretty slow-going, as a lot of overall plot details need working out before things start getting hooked up. I think it's starting to take shape, though. Hopefully, as things solidify, the implementation will go a bit faster.

Interview on The Digital Fix: Part 2

Part 2 of my interview at The Digital Fix can be found here. In this second part, Jake Tomlin asks more NEO Scavenger-focused questions, such as my intent for the design, shceduling info, and origins for the project.

As before, worth checking out if you want some background info on the development of the NEO Scavenger universe!

Neo Beta Build: 0.938b

I just uploaded a new beta build as well. Beta build 0.938b contains a few fixes which are related to issues that came up earlier this week, including some I thought I had fixed already. They are:

  • Fixed a bug in the UI that would cause a crash when encumbrance limit was < 0. This may be the cause of several game-breaking situations that folks have reported in the forums. (e.g. player disappearing, stat bars not changing, turns not advancing correctly). Basically, this was a full-on crash in the game caused by a UI bug when player conditions penalized the encumbrance to extremely low values.
  • Fixed a bug that caused camp stat bars to show wrong value when increasing/decreasing stacks within. This was primarily noticeable when adding noise traps to a camp, as stacking a noise trap didn't update the bars. Placing noise traps adjacent to each other, however, updated UI correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some scavenge-spawned enemies to disappear when switching optics in/out on character. Related to a bug fix in 0.937b, this fix should further reduce the occurrence of disappearing enemies to zero.

Hopefully, the above fixes will make the game a bit more stable for those playing over the weekend. If this new build breaks more than it fixes, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Otherwise, have a good weekend, and see you Monday!