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About Travois

I think the Travois should be opened to all class, not only Mechanic, (option: with less required 'Medium Thread'(now 12) and downsized container).

For now, it's little hard to get containers in early phase except ragged shopping bag, as Shopping Cart and Bags' drop rate was reduced a bit after last updates. We must at least visit ATN Enclave to get Travois if we don't have Mechanic property, which is primeval and elementary vehicle.

If travois is opened to everyone with a nice option, we can make basic vehicle and carry valuable stuffs easier than now.

Report: It seems I can run with Travois in battle though message says 'Player can't run'?!

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What are you lookin' at? Damn Scavengers!

The skills are designed to make your game easier with them:

strong, tough, meele: better survive against other surviver
trapping: fire without lighter, more meat, dogmen fur coat
and so on

removing the mechanic from the travois will make mechanic more useless and highlight other skill even more.
And the Game should not be even easier to play.

I hope you get what i want to say :D.

I agree with Apfelbananensaft. Besides, you can buy those and they are not even expensive which already reduces the usefulness of the mechanic skill a little.

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Hmm, I get it. but as plastic is bit more hard to find than normal woods, so how about swapping Travois and Plastic sled?

You may know, currently we can make plastic sled with no mechanic and relatively less medium threads, compared to Travois. I could find the plastic only once throughout about 10 plays, but woods are so easy to get even in early phases.

About cost.. as vehicles(especially Travois) are quite cheap considering their usefulness, so I agree to rasing their prices.

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What are you lookin' at? Damn Scavengers!

Totally agree with Apfelbananensaft on this, but there's one special hope: may be we'll have mechanic skill to provide ability to repair things, in the future. If so, then travois could probably be decoupled from mechanic without reducing the skill to a nuisanse, i think.

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