Is unequiped / dropped (in combat) suppose to disappear after the fight is over...even if you won?

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Is unequiped / dropped (in combat) suppose to disappear after the fight is over...even if you won?

Half of the time when I drop something, say a full backpack, during combat, after the combat is resolved (even if I won and remain in the tile after the combat screen is gone) everything I dropped disappears.

This has happened multiple times, but not always does the stuff disappear.
It seems to be 50/50 chance for the bug to occur.

It is quite awful, as if you drop a backpack in combat to equip a weapon, then win or escape and return (from a non-human who doesn't want your stuff) the bug causes you to lose your valuables.
I had a great start, dropped a backpack, killed a beast, and my backpack was gone forever. The next turn I starved to death, but if the bug didn't occur then I would have won and had full hunger! :P

A pretty huge bug. Pretty nasty. (I actually lost 2 backpacks and a medkit box full of stuff during my fight with a beast.)

It would make sense if they stole it after you escaped, or what not. But no. This happens even if you win against a beast.

There is no argument against making permadeath optional in a singleplayer game.
It effects absolutely no one negatively.
Don't be irrational. "Make it Optional" != "Get rid of it entirely, for everyone."

What do you want to say with win?
Are you killing him or threat him to leave?
What is a beast? A Melonhead, Dogmen, Enchfield Horror?
Are you dropped your Bag a Hex next of the Hex where the beast are and walking to him or in the fight?
And with every bug you provide say which version you are useing.
For now i cant help you, sorry :/

I haven't been able to reproduce this bug yet, but I know others have mentioned items disappearing. So if we can narrow down the cause, that'll help me find and fix it.

Some of the details Apfelbananensaft asks about might help, such was whether you're fighting a looting creature (e.g. melonhead) or a non-looting creature (dogman). Humans aren't the only looters. And which version number/platform you're currently using vs. when the save was created will make a difference. (Save games from previous game builds can cause problems.)

Also, is it possible you're fighting more than one creature at a time?
Does this happen early in a game session, or later? (I.e. could it be a null-pointer bug causing random symptoms?)

Sorry for all the questions. It's just that this bug tends to be hard to track down, so I'm looking for all the clues I can get!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I am playing build 0.9942b and i think something like that happened to me as well. I spotted stranger and spied on him it showed that he was awkwardly pulling sled and that he was encumbered. I assumed he was loaded and attacked him:D, but after kill only thing i found on ground was his body, clothes and some junk (shards and pebbles), no sled, no big items nothing. I tried all adjacent hexes, scavenging those with option to do it. I was playing for a while before that happened, and i am sure he was alone. It happened only once to me (not very often u meet mob pulling sled or baskets around) so i guess its not a game braker, and anyway few turns later i died of cholera so i wouldn't enjoy all that loot for long:D. Hope it helps somewhat. Keep up good work, its brilliant game. Cheerio

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Hm, that sounds like it could be a bug, but there are one or two other possibilities. One is that the sled broke during the fight, and the junk inside was all that was left. Another is that there was not enough room on the ground, and the sled was deleted.

However, there may also be a bug that caused the sled to vanish instead of dropping. It's hard to say without seeing it for myself, though. If it happens again, let me know!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

As for room there was plenty of it so i dont think it was the case, as for broken sled i could happen but would all thing inside it brake too? like i said this guy was overburden and what was left on ground was too little to account for it imo. Will keep eye for it anyway

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, this is the War Room!