Question regarding sleep vs rest.

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Question regarding sleep vs rest.

If I'm right in assuming REST + HEAL is more than just a wait button (and heals you faster than just clicking END TURN a bunch), does SLEEP also heal you as much, or does it only restore the fatigue bar as it says in the tooltip?

I ask because I'm trying to decide whether I should rest instead of sleep through the night to heal, as silly as it seems. This may be a dumb question, but that "+ HEAL" bit is throwing me off, and the wiki says the medical status bars increase when "resting in good conditions" and "with rest"... In that context, does sleep count as rest?

Sleeping is around twice so good as resting and with fire or sleeping bags its even better, you should also go into a good building (room 7 for example) where the healing bar, which you can only see if you have the medic skill, itself are near green.

The basic difference is: sleeping regenerates the energy/tiredness and has a little bonus to healing, while resting has somewhat bigger bonus to healing, but does not regenerate tiredness (you actually still getting a little tired while resting).

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