Aperture science enrichment center???

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Aperture science enrichment center???

I've just learned that the facility in which events of the game "Portal" take place - the Aperture Science's enrichment center, - is actually located in Michigan.

I don't mean to mind it,
But is there a chance
At all
For us
To have the portal gun in Neo Scavenger?


P.S. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVfMMEuLtuo - yep, it's sing along. :D

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That makes two of us. :)

- Considering Neo Scavenger already has some a-portal-related content;
-- considering there is already a weapon which is supposed to function in two different modes (high intensity and low);
--- considering an end-game frustration of experienced Neo Scavengers caused by the need to travel long distances over already well known parts of the map many times;
---- and considering mechanics of portal functioning as it is implemented in Portal game (in particular, the fact that neither blue nor orange portal is actually functional if the other one is not placed anywhere yet) - i propose to:

- add an end-game'ish portal device ("portal gun") to the game;
- set a high cost for obtaining it, in terms of both money required, and play time needed to get it;
- make a nice story about "Aperture Research enrichment facility" to be added to the game (not "Aperture Science" and not "Aperture Laboratories", as those both terms, verbatim, are part of Portal's game creators' copyright - but i am sure they won't object if Neo would reflect on their creation, thus "Aperture Research enrichment facility" term). Possibly a quest. If someone would show me how to make all required matherials for this to be implemented into the game, i'd do my best to create it myself;
- define the mechanic of the device as follows:
-- it will have two modes of operation, "portal blue" and "portal orange". Using either will create a portal of corresponding color in the inventory of the tile the player character is currently on;
-- both "portal blue" and "portal orange" items will have the option to "use" them. If both portals exist, then upon using one of them, Philip would be instantly moved to the tile with the other. If only one portal exists, nothing would happen;
-- just like in Portal game, the device will not need any external power supply, nor any batteries;
-- portals created by the device would remain in place for indefinite time, unless removed by the player (see below), or unless a portal of the same color is created somewhere else (there can only be one blue and one orange portal in existance, at any given time);
-- it would only be possible to create portals if Philip is holding portal device in his hand. Any blue/orange portal(s) in existance will disappear at once as soon as portal device is removed from Philip's hand (i.e. placed to a vehicle/backpack).

P.S. Dan, if you'll forget all other ideas i expressed on this forum, but will implement this one - in any way even remotely resembling the above description, - then i'll be one happy creeper!!

P.P.S. Offtopic. In the original Portal, i found a way to complete chamber 13 without capturing the energy ball. I.e., the energy ball capture device is simply one _excessive_ element of the test chamber - it shouldn't be there at all! This is one bold statement, so here's a prooflink where i do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IFCxEI6IsQ . This is something which creators and testers of Portal overlooked; a way to complete this chamber without using all of its elements. I was rather proud when i discovered it. Details: 1. place one portal on the ceiling in the main chambler, while standing on the floor and looking 90 degrees upwards (i.e. complertely "up"), 2. turn 180 degrees down and place the other portal under Chell's feet, 3. while falling out of the 1st portal, but before entering the 2nd one once again, be quick to place the 1st portal to a new location: on the floor near the platform with the second cube, 4. as a result, player character (her name's Chell) will be flying rather high up - conserved momentum - from both portals, then falling back down into them, alternating blue and orange; it takes quick mouse work to turn to a proper direction, but overal is entirelly 100% possible and reliable to change direction in the air right after exiting the 1st portal so that Chell would land on the platform and grab the cube, which is what i do in the video. As a result, this chamber 13 can have the energy ball still flying around when the last door is made open. To do it, one has to place the cube on the lower button in such a manner that energy ball would hit it, but not move it; this is the case, if the cube is entirely "within" the button, thus being held by the button's "borders". Then it's possible to have the energy ball to hit the Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill (darn, i love this term! :D ), by steering the ball through portals to the appropriate direction. Granted, the same can be done very few test chambers further into the game, but at least not a grill which curtains the lift. Sadly, nothing special happens (the ball is energy, so the grill does not emancipate it; when the lift is hit by the ball, it does not get any damage other than visible marks where ball was hitting it) - but still, quite fun to do. :)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

I didn't realize Aperture was based in Michigan. My reasons for choosing Michigan were the handy natural borders on all sides except south, temperate climate, North American region, plus a major city in modern-day ruin. Plus, NY, LA, Chicago, and Seattle get all the RPG fun :)

Will I add a portal gun to the game? Probably not. (Sorry!) It doesn't really fit with the mood and setting I have in mind. Most of the game involves near-future, plausible science fiction, and local folklore/urban legend. There is one part of the game which defies that (Merga Wraith), but there's also an inherent reason which makes that possible. Incidentally, that same reason would probably actively prohibit teleportation devices in the hands of anyone.

As for whether the portal gun could work in the game, I'm not sure. The only way to teleport right now is via encounters. And in that case, it's only to the coordinates specified by the encounter (or to a random nearby hex, like escaping a battle). The player would have no way to arbitrarily set the target of the portal device. A modder might be able to create a teleportation network, like a series of fixed wormholes, but that might be it.

If I'm wrong, however, I'd be interested to know!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Unfortunate. I didn't know about game's setting being against, of course. No luck! %)

Mods sounds alright though, thanks for the direction, Dan! May be i'll end up making "Aperture Research" mod for the game myself, if the process of Neo Scavenger mod making is not too difficult for me to master, that is. Then i could probably even make an encounter with Chell! Geez, off i go to learn things. Laters! :)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr