The story of Rober Vobacney

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The story of Rober Vobacney

Robert, he is 18 years old.
Here is his story:
Ever since he could walk, see, and hear, he remembered the woods.
he spent most of his time there, but one night, when he was 14, a group of bandits burned his home, he was the only survivor.
He vowed to get revenge on the ones who killed his family, it's been 4 years, and at night, every night, he hears the screams of his brother, mother, father, and... for this reason he stays awake most nights, putting out his fire and thinking, slowly gaining on his prey.

Part 1:

His head ached, it had been a while since he last slept.

He had walked a total of 15 miles, taking about half a day, that is, of coarse including rest stops.

But now he saw a place he could rest, a ruined apartment about half a mile away.
it looked abandoned, which usually meant it was, and sure enough, he found no signs of activity, so he put his pack on the ground, began to lay down... then he saw it, how did he miss it! Right in front of him was a half empty bottle, the liquid inside was a dark blue, to dark to be water, perhaps water with lots of sugar, no... that didn't make sense, it was probably marsh water, the fool who drank it was likely dead know.

Crash! Or perhaps the fool who drank it was still alive, wandering the city, in hope of fresher water.

At that moment, he grabbed his pack and the marsh water, heck, it may come in handy.
As he crept to the door it opened, luckily he was close enough to where he could duck behind in, what he didn't expect was a monstrosity of a man, his head was disfigured, to large for his body.

And... right when Robert knew it couldn't see him, he crept even slower now, to the door, but finally, he was out of there.

When he was about 80 feet from the building, he heard a yell, not a yell of pain, but anger, and Rob knew exactly who it was, and with that he thought 'man, I did you a favor'.


Part 2:

Robert sat, looking at the marsh water.
He was so thirsty, surly he could find water in a building, or at a stream.

He got up, putting the water in his pack, it was almost night fall, in late September, he needed to find shelter, or he could die.
He had seen a city about 2 hours from where has was now, though in 1 hour it would be night.
So, he gathered up some twigs and wrapped them in a bit of cloth, which he also wrapped around a stick.
He lit the new torch, it burned a blue-ish color, dim up close, but if he went near an object, it was brighter, making it a bit harder to see, but also keeping suspicion away.

Finally he found a abandoned home, not even thinking, he found a bedroom, but then thinking 'what if someone comes in?', he got up, and slid under the bed with his pack.

He woke, his thought last night had saved him, he was curled up in a ball fashion behind some empty boxes, listening to snoring.
Slowly, he slid his pack out from under the bed, then himself.
When he stood, he saw a man, likely in his late 20's, laying on the bed, next to him was a pack, wide open.
Curiously, Rob looked inside, he saw a knife (3 inches long), a box of bullets, and most of all...2 bottles of water, now Rob wasn't much of a thief, but he took one bottle, and left.
He walked right into the woods with his pack, and drank the water. getting closer to the mega-city.