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What links the headlines/Recipies to newspapers/scrap paper


Whats with the aEffects in conditions for wearing armor (Wearing Type IV head armor,Wearing Type III torso armor)

i get a general idea for effects but im still guessing here "ArmorWound=100,3,0.8" is Armor = Bodypart, ? , Amount of protection
right? If this is so, could you help me with the one im unsure of? And (just if you have it on hand) the list of what # = what body part?

What links the headlines/Recipies to newspapers/scrap paper

Headlines - Their GroupID. You place item 7.0 in a treasure table and the game automatically generates it's subGroupID which points to the article with the same ID in the Headlines section.

Recipes - Similar system, item 9.0 has its actual subGroupID generated, the only difference is it uses the list of all recipes in the game.

I guess that you want to use similar system to create the police files for your mod? Unless you will remove headlines to exchange it for the files. I wanted to make something similar for the books - a repository of titles, simply for variety sake. But unless Dan adds the ability to make those, it is not really possible.

Armor - the first number is an ID of a wound slot (but, sadly, no one made the list of all of those slots yet, as far as I know). The two following numbers, and I am only guessing here, is protection from cutting and then protection from bashing damage.

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ohhh that would make sense with the Armor... Ill see if i cant round up a list of slots for every one.

Also that sucks for the headlines and recipes but i guess we can only do so much with what we got.