The Epic of MightyMatty

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The Epic of MightyMatty

Weeks on from my stark cryo awakening, an experience which felt like being reborn into hell itself, I have finally achieved my goal. Listen friends as I recount my epic! For I have released a king from his throne of despair, I have repaired a mechanical sabre toothed tiger so that it may continue its bloody hunt and I have crept through a haunted lakeside house to rob a malevolent spirit of its ashes. I have fought a monstrous beast in a stinging forest of blades and I have survived the deadliest of plagues to curse this land. And now, at last, my prize lies before me. This is what I have been searching for all of this time. The search for this holy relic, this holy what has given me the desire and will to overcome all that stood before me. The fabled Pearson "Yukon" Backpack is finally mine! <Collapses in tears of joy hugging backpack>

Kicking blind looters to death for mushrooms, wearing a clown mask...happy days.

No word can describe how loud I laughed when I read this.

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.