Awakened by a dead dogman

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Awakened by a dead dogman

I needed the fire, because it was cold. But I was not unwary! I had noise traps set around my camp, and I sleep with a loaded revolver in hand.

Then I heard a noise, and I awoke! I looked around... silence. After staring into the dark for an untold amount of time, I must have fallen back asleep.

In the morning as I cleared my fire and checked my belongings... I found a dogman laying dead just outside the light of my fire!

Why didn't he kill me? What... killed him? Why didn't his killer kill me?!?

Thrilled to have a new coat and something to eat, I got to work starting a fire and skinning my lucky find.

I'm not sure if it was the light from the fire or the smell of the meat that attracted the man with the pistol. Perhaps he was my anonymous benefactor and had fatally wounded the wandering beast.

Regardless, he had his weapon drawn and I wasn't willing to share any of this fresh meat with him, so I gave him the typical wasteland greeting. I tackled him from behind a tree and punched him in the face until he stopped gurgling. Lucky for me, he was distracted by the fire... because his pistol was loaded, and I had left my crowbar by my shit pit when I was finished burying my morning business.

Speaking of burying, I'm not going to bother with this guy. Let them find him near the bones of a fully stripped dogman. Let him be remembered as a hero. Me, I'm going to sell his boot (yes, singular) and keep his pistol.

May I just say that I love the way you phrased this… a true pleasure to read, even though it's creepy as hell!


Wanderer of the Wasteland

I concur. Excellent small stories, both of them.

P.S. And while Nemo is probably too humble to ask it right here, - i am not. Thus, headbutt question: SkunkDave, would you be interested to do some forum RP with us, as described in this topic: ? Your writing talents would be very welcome there, - if you're interested in this kind of game, of course.

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Yeah, it would be nice to have a new face around as Rob bleeds out. :)