New Beta Build: Bug Fixes, Plus Plot Work

Work continues on plot planning, which as usual, I will be cagey about sharing :)

However, there's also a new beta build today! Build 0.937b was just uploaded, as I had accumulated a string of fixes that seemed worth publishing. These are fixes I could scrape together without redesigning whole systems, so some bug fixes are delayed until I have time to do major work.

Tonight's fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug where noise traps wouldn't update the camp stat bars.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause item images to remain in inventory after being removed due to encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause hexes to get stuck as "seen" if revealed by a scavenge creature appearing.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented scope/binoculars from immediately changing nearby creature visibility when equipped. (Was delayed 1 turn)
  • Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause hexes not to be revealed correctly when scope/binoculars equipped.
  • Fixed bug where creatures could keep moving after attacking. (I'm unconvinced this is totally fixed, though, so let me know if you still see it post 0.937b)

Let me know if any more wonkiness appears, and I'll try to do occasional fixes as plot work continues.

Have a good one!