Actual age of Phillip Kindred?

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Actual age of Phillip Kindred?

So, at the ATN, the lady there tells Phil that the man in the picture was her father and has had time to raise her, grow old, and die since that picture was taken. Which leads Phil to suggest that it has been 40-50 years since that picture has been taken. So let's assume that Phil was around twenty-five when put into cryosleep, and was put to sleep shortly after that picture was taken (within a year). This would mean he is technically around 65-75 years old (although his body is in the same condition it was from when he was asleep).

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"

Unless both Phil and the man were put to cryo sleep "another time" - i.e. before the picture has been taken.

Those folks' "actual age" could be a several hundreds or thousands years, but frankly, i do not care. Organisms do not age (and in fact, do not live) while in cryo sleep (at least if we talk proper, near-absolute-zero - some -272C - cryo). Thus to me, he's still a 20sh something noob to that world of his.

At least may be he had a decent childhood, eh.

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