When one forgets his broad spear

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When one forgets his broad spear

So i've been doing some crafting, and i've put my broad spear to the ground to free a hand. Done with crafting, went afk for some ~5 mintues (RL issues). Then i got back and forgot to pick up the spear before ending the turn (had 0 turns left, so ended turn on the same tile).

Well... Some mutha went in, started the fight and picked up the spear before i knew it. Oops! ><

Initial range was 3, but somehow he didn't see me initially. Took cover and went back, to range 4. Got two stones into my hand, thrown them both at him - misses. He went in and made a flurry of 3 hits, made 3 bleeding wounds to me, almost half of the pain bar was gone. Desperate, i tackled him, luckily he fell and didn't went up right after. Kicked him 3 times, that made him willing to retreat. But if that tackle would fail, i'd be dead meat. Even with that luck - lost substantial amount of blood (even with bandaging with clean rags right after the fight), had to use painkiller, and after a while started to cough blood...

Bottom line: it's best to manage things without putting one's weapon to the ground - otherwise, SHTF may happen. :D

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