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Make A Rp Character with the following fourm (Not Real Info)


Tell us about what you did and your stories!

Neo Scavenger Survivalist (By That I Mean Die From Hypothermia) -Mustang

NAME: Axel White

BACKSTORY: Used to work for the government as a contractor and "man for the dirty work". As such, he's skilled in combat, negotiation and survival. He's also no stranger to killing, which, in this environment, can come in handy. Downside is, he's developed serious paranoia as a result of his work.

GOAL: Axel's sure that the Xinhua are behind the Enfield Horrors and Dogmen, and he wants to gather enough evidence to prove it. Also, Axel wants to find a way through the Black Swamp and down South, hoping to catch a boat to Britain. He heard that some of the Islands are still unaffected, which could mean a fresh start.

PROFESSION: CIA Operative, Hired Gun, Field Agent. As cover, worked as a journalist. Before things started to go wrong, he was still in contact with some of his European contacts, hence he knows that at least back then, things were still alright there (apart from the riots as a result of the financial collapse)


Wanderer of the Wasteland