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Im thinking on Friday is my next update. I have this and a few more items im making so if i get bogged down with testing, it might be Saturday.

Cool cant wait

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Update Bump

Update news on first post

the mod is crashing at about 73 percent while parsing item types row 21 Just wanted to report

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Fixed, Thanks =)

Sorry one more thing medical kit will not allow items inside it.

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hm... that couldn't be on my end. I just checked it and it works fine. Can you tell me which mod dl you are using?

Solo / NSE / NSE+BBC

and are you using any other mods?

(p.s. - Sorry for late reply, had a birthday party =P)

none just the officers mod, i was logging in with the medic trait and when i searched the cryo facility for it it spawned the medical kit and spawned the antibiotics outside the first aid kit.

(Hope the party was fun =P)

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Alright Fixed and updated. That was a weird bug =| dont know how it happened but meh.

Thanks love the mod

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Update bump for Neo v1.8b

Whats new?

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Nothing really, Just an update for compatibility of my mod and NSE.
Haven't been able to code because I'm trying to find a job. Might not be able to code if i don't have power. =P

Love this mod! The .22 rifle addition is awesome. More guns are always fun. Alas, I haven't found any of the specific items of this mod yet, even though I've found one or two police stations. But I'll keep trying! Also, would it be possible to update the compatibility version for both BBC and NSE? I love using those two mods together, as well as the Officer's mod.

Glad you like it, Ill work on the compatibility mod now.

Edit: ~Updated~

Hmm... There seems to be something wrong. I did exactly as you instructed, yet the loading pauses on 81%. I'm using the latest version of NSE, and the Update 3 from BBC, because that's the only one with the folder you mention in the walkthrough.

Rushed it and made an error =P sorry, just checked that the new upload works and its A - O - K

Whats coming up in next update? :D

Im working on narcotics atm, trying to figure out how to work them where if used too much causes death.

I have officer's legs done already, and some of the hallway's story lined out.

But with me going back and forth trying to find a job, I dont have much time to work on this.

Will this have any problems running with NSE because his version is updated to 1.9 but your patch version is 1.8b I believe. Any chance you can find out if there are on issues or if its safe to use?

I think there might be an issue because storage sheds have almost a 0 loot chance, every single one. Strong lets me get a slight chance of getting loot but storage units used to have amazing loot chances.

The recent update for the vanilla game nerfed the storage shed a little its just a new fix kind of like everywhere haveing lower loot chances.

By the way how long until your next update Lambuck

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Ok, just thought I would check up on this, and you have done quite some work. Just trying it out for an hour or so, haven't found any of those 'crumbling' stations yet, but the random event popped up twice.
I personally would have had the 'intact' station as an actual unique tile, as its possible due to the randomness of the game to get more of the events popping up than the crumbling stations. Dunno how hard that is to code, so whatever. Its fine as is.
Had a few more ideas though;
those 'crumbling' stations could have intact police lockers that you need key-cards for. You could find them as loot items in stations, that couldn't be put into your inventory, and need to be unlocked (crafted) into opening with the correct key card, or better yet, just have a generic card and the locker loot could be randomized (if possible) so you would have the locker and key in crafting grid, and the output would just come up as '???', and the item could be a bunch of ammo, a gun, or a shoe. That would be awesome is possible.
the three lockers in the station as-is, probably should be open-able with skills (like with lockpicking, strength or hacking or mechanical) or other items (crowbar, lockpicks.) But then the loot should be randomized rather than set. Dunno what you have it set to, didn't get too far.
Narcotics. I had a Genius brainwave (even if I do say so myself), if this is possible to program. There could be various kinds of Drugs that could be found, and the could have awesome and debilitating effects on the player. But, the real kicker is that some drugs are worth many dollars to the ATN, and others a small fortune to the Junk market. But if you try to sell the wrong kind of drug, they would beat the S**T out of you. And, we, the players, don't know what sells where (probably make it random) thereby risking us having to guess where we can make a small fortune. Maybe you could have the ATN warriors 'lock' onto you and refuse surrender if you have something they don't like, and likewise the DMC guards. Or they refuse to pick-up the 'illegal' stuff, and have the 'legal' stuff on their corpses/available for purchase. Or something. Yeah I know there's already a 'drugs' mod somewhere, but that doesn't mean it isn't a bad idea.
Also, you could probably (in the future) expand into hospitals and/or doctors surgeries or something. Yah know, for medicine.
also, Police cars/SWAT vans could become lootable locations (possibly requiring lockpicking).
Just some thoughts. I tend to be good at ideas, but as an inherintly lazy person, crap at implementing them. I Just love adding to your 'things to do' list.

Have you stopped working on this? I really enjoyed using it along side of NSE.

Hey guys, I hate to say it but Work has been bogging me down. I've been either sleeping or working and haven't had the time to work on the mod. I don't know when I will be able to work on it again. Sorry X.X

Any chance you can merge with Mighty Mod? I dig both Extended and Mighty and have 1 on separate computers =D

Found a Glitch with your mod.

While using your mod with other mods, yours makes new scavenge locations unable to be scavenged. When I remove your mod, those buildings are able to function properly.

A good example is Mighty Mod. When I have your Officer mod active at the same time, the Mighty buildings do not work.

Also in conjunction with Mighty Mod, another problem arises. Under the crafting area the item "Extinguish Medium Campfire" does not work as a result of your mod. It says there is not enough room for it. Once your mod is removed, Mighty works again.

You have what appears to be a decent mod and I REALLY want to use it with Mighty Mod and Banjo's mods(plus his merge file).

I would like it if there was a read me .txt with you mod to provide information as to how it works. I was a little confused when I found colored keycards that didn't actually do anything...and they opened...what? Where??

Maybe simplify finding rare items in police stations...just make your items rare to find on the Scavenge screen?

I can't get NSE to work with the officer mod, i dont know how to edit or check the getmods files. One seems to overwrite the other, as the OP suggested earlier. Will someone please help me? :/ I'm sorry if I've missed any info, I read the entire thread and couldn't figure out how to remedy my issue.

Whenever I try to install NSE and BBC with this mod, I simply can't find the "cheatmodnew" foulder inside bbc....

Little help?

hey is this compatible with Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom? and if so can someone please run through what i need to do! thanks!!!


So will we still need to alter the getmods.php notes at all?


i tried this and its not working perhaps a video tutorial of this would be amazing or minimal stept by step with pictures (preferably youtube link


tl;dr This mod doesn't work anymore.

If you read up, this mod hasn't been updated since September 2014, which was about 3 months before the game even came out of Early Access. The modder explained a few posts up that they didn't have time to keep working at it, which is why it doesn't work with the current version of the game.

There is a frequently updated list pinned at this forum (right here) which tells you at a glance which mods work with which upgrade.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Can you help me please? i have NCE(neo scavanger extended),officer mod and big bad cheater mod,and when i press new game,i can only see a black screen and it crash plis help,this is what have on my getmod.php:

it means some code somewhere between the three mods is incorrect. i would say look over it with a fine tooth comb, but NSE is start over and this time run the game after every little piece of mod you merge so you can catch problems before they get out of hand.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Went rifling through my games and saw Neo Scavenger... remembered all the fun I had making this mod.... I might be back =) ..... Time to tinker with the new modding system!

Yesssss, your back, will u make it compatible with 1.13, please? I loved this mod and would like to use it again. Thanks!

Also I was hoping you could talk to Chiko for a compatability mod, I had a dream about a new item and talked to him about it and it would fit well with your mod, if you look under his mod you will see... Thanks!:)

Ill try... but i probably wont be working on this mod any more... This was just a learning experience for me. I had a brighter idea in mind when I was first playing this game. For me to do so, i had to learn how to work the modding code... sadly this mod will be scrapped. I thank every one who has helped me with learning the ins and outs and has supported me with criticism, both good and bad. I do believe I'm going to start working on what i had in mind... Hopefully you will be seeing it soon!

nice, and i hope you will be encouraged so much that you will get back that spark that you had earlier, just keep it up, persevere and you will find it again and use it better than you first imagined.

Where do I find the key cards? By the way, when I click on the police station in "scavenge" menu it says "You decide not to go scavenge for now."

There were alot of great things in this mod. It's too bad it's all broken now.