The Officer's Mod (v.1.52)

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The Officer's Mod (v.1.52)

Hello every one! First of all i would like to thank sub439 for requesting something like this and Kaaven for putting up with all my questions. Thanks again for not giving up on me. Now i would like to introduce my mod.

Update News
-- Backroom Event (Be aware this room will force you to leave the station. Choose this last)
-- Able to gather 1 out of the 4 reports ( one being useful - give to a DCM Guard for a reward)

-New Items
--Ruger .22 Long Rifle
----two Clips -5 Round and -25 Round
--3 funny police reports / 1 regular report

Everything my mod offors

Spoiler: Highlight to view
-Intact police station in urban area's
--Has a small story inside.
--Lockers to get loot, requires keycard
--Backroom (Be aware this room will force you to leave the station. Choose this last)
(Hallway are still WIP)

Scavenge location
-crumbling Police Station
--small chance to get keycards and gear

-You might get ambushed by 2-5 Npcs if making too much noise.

-Officer's Bullet proof vest
--basically same as DMC's vest but degrades faster and one less 1x4 slot
-Police Hoodie
--Same as the Olive Hoodie
-Riot Helmet
--slight better armor than DCM's helmet.
--Has visor drop down option, slightly blinds player, but adds more resistance.
-Ruger .22 Long Rifle
--two Clips -5 Round and -25 Round
-3 funny police reports / 1 regular report

If you have ideas for this mod, do tell me =) I welcome them with open arms!
-To Do list-

Spoiler: Highlight to view
1:Riot Gear

2.Junk Police reports for Backroom
-Story for Hatter
-Story for DCM

3.Cell interaction

4.More items
-Criminal Jumpsuit

If any thing seems too easy, or needs to be edited feel free to tell me.

_______________________Officer's Mod_________________________________________________

Download and extract into Directory:

_______________Officer's Mod + NeoScavengerExtended_____________________________________

1 - Download and extract NeoScavengersExtended into your directory

2 - Download this Here

3 - Extract and replace all and it should work fine =)

_______Officer's Mod + NeoScavengerExtended + Big Bad Cheater________________________________
Try and follow me on this, cause it can get confusing =P

1 - Download both NeoScavenger Extended + Big Bad Cheater

2 - Extract NSE's "NeoScavExtended" Folder into your Directory

3 - Extract BBC's "CheatModNew" Folder into your Directory

4 - Download the Compatibility mod (Here)

5 - Extract all of the Compatibility mod into your Directory

That should do it =)

(If you have more Mod Folders than the above mentioned, you should be able to remove them without harm to the mods)

Known Bugs
- None at the moment!

It seems to work fine! Nice work.

One small issue - as you scavenge the police station, it still shows fluff text from the Locked Storage Shed.

Also, as a personal opinion, the station picture looks way too... clean and neat. But that's maybe just me - I like my world dark and gritty :D

Also, I've added you to the general mod list. Hope you don't mind.

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Guess i didn't save it when i edited it the text, thanks for pointing that out, and about the picture, i was thinking about making a non locked station with lower % loot and have that broken up. So i have a saved version of that.

and no, i don't mind if its added to the list =)

*fixed the error*

Make a Cheat version were they are common

Neo Scavenger Survivalist (By That I Mean Die From Hypothermia) -Mustang

I've downloaded this mod and have been loving it, but I have found a major bug.

After completing Saginaw by talking to Liza and challenging the bishop whenever I talked to Liza on the world map instead of talking it would put me in a loop of infinitely looting Police stations, and I could leave and return to her and continue looting infinite police stations.

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sell cookies to small children for 25 cents each.

hm... Thats interesting... How was i even able to create that? lol cant seem to figure it out. Guess ill have to work with the code a little more. thanks for the heads up about this.

happy to help, and Thanks for making the mod, I'm really enjoying it!

Buy bag of 30 cookies for 3$.
sell cookies to small children for 25 cents each.

No problem, if there is any thing else you would like to see in the mod, please tell me!
To me, it feels that there is not enough content and i would love to add more stuff to it but... I'm stumped XD

Mayhaps, make the 'intact' police station a single garenteed tile, in which which you need to have skills and/or items to get through a few 'rooms,' maybe telling a story if you feel up to it. You could have a few branching rooms to cells, interrogation rooms or offices telling a slow story of the overwhelmingness of Detroit in the last days or something (im good at this. totally.) and at the end you could have a police locker with an intact set of riot gear, ammo and guns. Or have several lockers/loot piles that get progressively better in quality as you get farther into the station.

You could also have it so that the 'looted/destroyed' station could be either a building to loot in citys, or be a separate random-tile that you would have a few new 'buildings' to loot, like desks, lockers, filling cabinets, cells etc that could spawn junk or the occasional firearm/ammo etc, but in crap condition and vary rarely.

As for ideas on items, new clothes would be interesting, like police outfits or prisoners jumpsuits. Maybe a few new junk items, like police reports, with funny arrests, that could become paper scraps, or maybe things like narcotics or contraband that might kill you or make the DMC guards hate you but sell for a bomb. Oh, nightsticks, tazers, pepper spray etc might be interesting to add. They could be adept at knocking people out but rarer and difficult to get and quick-degrading.
If this is possible to code, maybe some kind of out-of-date I.D card that marks you as a friendly to DMC drones? Probably not possible to program though.

I like it! Ill start working on the story now, and after reading everything i thought of instead of lockpicking the police lockers that have the said Riot Gear / weapons and such, have keycards with their own respective locker (Weapons/RiotGear/Ammo) and loot chance.

The looted/destroyed stations i can do but I think im just going to make it a normal scavenging place. No need to really put too much effort into them.

The Junk items sounds like a great idea, the police reports with funny arrests will be fun to make. Also i think i might add some story behind some of these arrests, for example- some high priority targets in Zom Zom's that can be given to the DCM guards for a small reward, or sold to the hatter for some quick bucks.

About the out of date I.D Card, yes it is possible but it has to be an equip-able item, im thinking a computer chip that you can add to your DCM bracelet, but requires the Mechanic skill >=3. I will also work on that too, but I want to work on one thing at a time to make sure everything works properly, and sense i already have the intact Station, ill be working on the story/rooms first. Then use the old code for the looted station, and then work on items and the fun part... conditions T.T

Thanks again RalphRoberts! I've been able to figure out what has been causing that issue and fixed it in the new download.

Like I said happy to help, and if I run into any more "irregularities" I'll be sure to tell you. :)

One suggestion I have (I don't know if its possible to code) is to create a failure encounter (like busted knuckles, slipped on floorboard, etc.) that causes 3 fully geared looters to spawn and attack you because the police station was their base, and they do not appreciate you breaking in...

Buy bag of 30 cookies for 3$.
sell cookies to small children for 25 cents each.

It should be possible, ill just have to learn how looters get their gear. Ill work on that now sense I cant figure out Event triggering for my life =|.

i have multiple mods "change the # into the correct numbers"
what numbers ?
here 's my current getmods.php : "nRows=2&strModName0=NSE&strModURL0=NeoScavExtended&strModName1=0&strModURL1=0"

help me :3 pls

AARRggh !

Your code - nRows=2&strModName0=NSE&strModURL0=NeoScavExtended&strModName1=0&strModURL1=0

New Code - nRows=4&strModName0=NSE&strModURL0=NeoScavExtended&strModName1=0&strModURL1=0&strModName2=PoliceMod&strModURL2=PoliceModFolder/Mod&strModName3=0&strModURL3=PoliceModFolder/Over

But if i were you, i'd fix your codes format. It makes it easier to know whats going on.

New Format

Spoiler: Highlight to view
nRows=4 &strModName0=NSE&strModURL0=NeoScavExtended &strModName1=0&strModURL1=0 &strModName2=PoliceMod&strModURL2=PoliceModFolder/Mod &strModName3=0&strModURL3=PoliceModFolder/Over

The nRows=4 means you are adding 4 folders to the mod list with their Directory set (&strModURL)

(remember this is just to my knowledge)
Now, there might be a problem sense both mods use Overwrite data (&strModName1=0 and &strModName3=0) which implements this data to the original Neoscavenger without changing the original itself. So if both mods try to overwrite the same data, one mod probably wont work correctly. This means you have to open both of these folders and check their neogame.xml to see if any thing overlaps ( if that happens).

Then again im not sure if this will happen because i have not check if two overwrite folders collide or if they just merge.

Thank you ! C:
it's working
keep it going dude
nice mod ^^

AARRggh !

Glad you like it =)

Hello! Your mod is pretty nice, and I like it! Always nice to see more stuff added to Neo Scavenger. But I'm having a problem with it. It's not a bug or anything. I like NSE a lot, and I've put it as well as your mod in my Neo Scav (public beta version on Steam, so up-to-date), but when I try to put Big Bad Cheater, I don't seem to manage to work around the codes in the getmod file (I suck at it, haha). Would you be able to help me?

Alright after some testing, something has happened to my game... Is this mod still working for you guys ?

After such testing i went back to this regular mod and it seems broken for me.

That and it seems that i posted the version i used for testing DX Free trait selects =P

Im using this mod with NeoScavExtended and the Mod of Doom and so far im enjoying it quite a lot. A few more scavenging locations would be awesome though.

Glad its working and your enjoying it =)

Im currently working on a whole new format of this mod thanks to Meganought, he/she gave me some wonderful ideas and a whole new look on what i can do with this mod. So with that being said, an update should be coming within a few days.

add pictures of features to the first post

Awesome, cant wait. Please keep it compatible with NSE though. What are some of the features you are planning to add? I personally think the game needs more locations to scavenge maybe a few more pieces of clothing stuff like that.

It should still be compatible, ill dl and check just to be safe though.

The problem with the new scavenge locations ( to me at least) is new items that should follow.. I might talk with the modders of NSE and MoD to integrate more locations for their items. But before i do that, i want to finish mine =).

So far in the next update ( should be this weekend )

There will still be the scavengable station, but it will be broken into and less chance of good loot.

There is an event now where you might stumble upon a Intact station, if you are able to break into it you'll have multiple places inside to explore. (some WIP)

(Big WIP) Random police reports that have some story in them, some being of use to hatter and the DCM (depending on who you choose might affect Moral)

Still need to do the Riot Gear, shouldn't be too hard. Might be in the next update.

For more info of my priority list, check the To Do List in first post.

It seems its conflicting with NSE farming plots scavenging location. It makes it impossible to scavenge it. Also im not sure if this is a conflict or what but after loading a saved game with both mods running the loot chance for EVERY location is almost zero, selecting the stop scavenging option returns the chance to normal which is very odd but it still won't let you scavenge at the PROPER loot chance because you cant scavenge with the stop scavenging hex option selected.

yep, that sounds like a conflict error, probably with the overwrite files.
Hopefully with this rearrangement I'm doing, it wont do that any more.

Perfect, I cant wait. I really want to use your mod but im forced to choose NSE over this one due to the mod conflicts, as soon as those are fixed I plan to reinstall immediately.

Thats understandable =) NSE has loads of more content.

Also, looks like the update will come sometime tomorrow in the afternoon (US east coast)

Update Bump

So to use this with NSE do you have to use both your download links or just the second one? Im pretty sure I download and install NSE then install the second link and just edit the getmods correct?

Correct, you just have to use the second link.

There seems to be a bug where certain items are unplaceable in the plastic baggy. The water bottle will no longer go into the bag for example and quite a few others. Can you please fix this or tell me how to fix this issue? Its very frustrating for the start of the game. Using NSE and the patch you posted, nothing else.

EDIT: Sorry this seems to be a bug in the latest version of NSE and will be fixed next patch. My apologies and PLEASE.... keep up the great work. This game can benefit so much from mods its insane, I just wish the modding community was bigger. Hopefully some more locations and events will be put in. Let me know if you need any help brainstorming ideas.

That is NSE's side
If i wanted to change it i couldn't re distribute it.

But i can tell you to try this
In "0" folder, open up Neogame.xml with Notepad, or even better Notepad ++

GO to ItemTypes and the first one you will see is the Disposable plastic shopping bag.

In that line of code go to aContentIDs and add the folowing


that seemed to fix some of the issues with it.

Just posted a new hotfix, noticed a few things while playing the other day and should be fixed.

Is your compatibility patch for NSE updated to the latest version he just posted or is it universally compatible with new versions? Let me know, the new version is 1.4b.

Yes, its up to date with the latest version. When he posts his version i update the compatible patch with his version next to the Download link. So if the versions do not look the same i might still be updating.

I noticed when I found the intact and locked police station, then went right to the back room, it automatically went through the closing text, and I could not return.

good mod keep working


Yes, I have it so after you gather the papers and leave, so you can get another event and gather more papers. If i make a condition "Gathered papers" and have it set right, you wont be able to get any more papers from any more events.

I think this would be better and give more reason to enter every event. Just make sure you choose this event last =)

Hey thanks for taking the time to make this mod i really enjoy it and i am glad someone reads the mods suggestion thread. ;)
( I know you guys do read the thread just have a hard time getting to it all.)

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No problem mate! This was actually my first ever time modding any thing =P.Also I didn't want to delve into modding with no real goal because I'm easily distracted. So i entered the request forum and saw yours. Thought that it was a wonderful idea and here we are now. XD

Well that makes me feel all the better, also an interesting thing i was thinking about was boot knifes is it possible to put a inventory slot in a tactical boot that would allow the placing of like a pistol into the boot or maybe like a tactical knife thanks for taking the time to make the mod its great already.

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I'll have to test, but I think its possible. No guarantee though!

EDIT - Updated the Combo of NSE and Officer's mod

I wont be able to update the mod this weekend, Trying to find a job as money is tight. I might be able to continue updates next weekend though. Sorry for the inconvenience!

hey do you know ho to add link on getmods.php for police mod + NSE + cheatmodbig bcause i dont have no clue

You're talking about Big Bad Cheater right ? There would be a problem with the mods because each mod uses "Overwrite" Folders that replace original game data. So if multiple folders are overwriting another, some mods wont work. I will see if i cant make a compatibility mod for these.

EDIT- Done! Just follow the instructions in first post.

thanks dude ur the best

np mate =)

Alright guys i had some time to do some coding and here is a little spoiler for you!

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Spoiler: Highlight to view

I have run into problems with putting clips into rifles where the gun shots the clip it that an accident in coding or what. Thanks

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Thats an accident in coding..

When making an attack mode you have to make a ChargeProfile

Spoiler: Highlight to view
<table name="chargeprofiles"> <column name="nID">1</column> <column name="strName">.22 LR</column> <column name="strItemID">[color=red]10.0[/color]</column> [color=red]<- ItemType Group ID and Sub ID. Just make sure its the bullet's ID, not the Clip's ID[/color] <column name="fPerUse">1</column> <column name="fPerHour">0</column> <column name="fPerHourEquipped">0</column> <column name="fPerHex">0</column> <column name="bDegrade">0</column> </table>

Ah okay ill have to try that when do you plan to input this into your mod?

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