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[0.9937b] Bugs and Issues

I just noticed that after equipping the blue sash, you can not removed anything below it without removing blue sash first (patchwork hide tunic,olive colored hoodie,3dog tshirt,fairground tshirt,hospital robe).

Also just noticed that dogman run from me (guess is it is from the 3dog tshirt) due to fact this char is brand new still.

The sash thing is normal - the way that items work in this game, you cannot access items in lower layers if there is an item on the layer above them (example, you cannot operate on hoodie while wearing tunic or take off shirts while wearing a coat). The fact that the sash is small, does not change the mechanic, sadly.

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Spoiler: Highlight to view
39 and 42: Surreneder to Target (-> Surrender)

77, 78, 79: Inconsistent strings (poisoning, poison)
81: more alert than most, and less likely (remove comma or change to "and is less likely")

10, 11: transcation (-> transaction)
20: harrassment (-> harassment)
29: inavailability (-> unavailability)
54: meighborhood (-> neighborhood)
56, 59: non-plussed (-> nonplussed)

36: Consipiracy (-> Conspiracy)
68: usefull (-> useful)
91: sihouette (-> silhouette)
112, 122, 132, 171: siezes (-> seizes)
169: ubsurdity (-> absurdity)
173: hypoteneuse (-> hypotenuse)
174, 175: blindspot (-> blind spot)
183, 185: weapns (-> weapons)
200, 266, 563, 579, 595, 599, 637, 781, 793, 798, 904: realise (-> realize)
206, 207, 212, 216, 235, 1030: sabre toothed (-> sabre-toothed)
215: Dishevelled (-> Disheveled)
220: computerised (-> computerized)
230, 304, 305, 609, 611: humour (-> humor) [humour evokes the archaic form, the "four humours" of the body]
261: pummelling (-> pummeling)
298, 299: organise (-> organize)
333: organisations (-> organizations)
366: grovelling (-> groveling)
385: travellers (-> travelers)
390: where are the their ethics (-> where are their ethics)
454, 801, 1426: travelling (-> traveling)
501: deputise (-> deputize)
526, 648: realises (-> realizes)
524: organise (-> organize)
566: underappreciated (-> under-appreciated)
587: atomised (-> atomized)
599, 666: worshipper (-> worshiper)
606: firefrom (-> fire from)
633: appetising (-> appetizing)
643: traumatised (-> traumatized)
653: swivelling (-> swiveling)
656: eyeing (-> eying)
680: Assumedly (-> Presumably)
726: widly (-> wildly)
732: immobilising (-> immobilizing)
739, 740: sizeable (-> sizable)
796: quicky (-> quickly)
814: densly (-> densely)
852: frequenty (-> frequently)
865: aneshetized (-> anesthetized)
871, 872, 874: anaesthesia (-> anesthesia)
882: anaesthetics (-> anesthetics)
891: storey (-> story)
964: unphased (-> unfazed)
1057: disintigrating (-> disintegrating)
1122: suprised (-> surprised)
1122: helo (-> hello)
1127: explaning (-> explaining)
1144: bulkead (-> bulkhead)
1146, 1305: Unauthorised, offence, Consipiracy (-> Unauthorized, offense, Conspiracy)
1236: unoffensive (-> inoffensive)
1326: gues (-> guess)
1337: nevermind (-> never mind)
1390: backpedalling (-> backpedaling)
1391: nighmares (-> nightmares)
1422: Traveller (-> Traveler)
1426: reponds (-> responds)
1447: knowlingly (-> knowingly)

Got as far as 1500 before I got pooped out, can add more later if no one else picks it up.

Quite a few of those look like British English, so that's more of a personal style than anything.

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Agreed, but since the setting is in the US, I'm presuming US English would be appropriate. I left out a few that seem like it could go either way, but "realise" over "realize," "offence" over "offense," and similar struck me as just a touch jarring. I'm fairly particular when it comes to that, though. These can be taken as suggestions rather than corrections. :)

Laptops can't tell time? Phones and iSlabs can, but not the ol' Copperbook?

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Spawned King Elias. Took cover to prepare against his shotgun, he offered to talk. Combat ended?

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Found an exploit. Start turn on Junk Market at 00:00. Shop, leave hex, reenter Junk Market. Wares change? I can change wares 2-3 times normally, probably more with Athletic.

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This is a old bug that was discovered many many versions ago. I can not remember if there has been a fix mentioned on this or not.

i found the old link of this, it was back in 987b.


Quick recap: Dan mentions may be a error in code and it would be looked at.

When I buy the Eye Augmentation procedure, I also get a blood transfusion, nutrition, and hydration. However, I don't get rest? After all, I did go under local anaesthesia.

I should also get rest for getting the Telescopic Eye upgrade since it also involves anaesthesia.

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Junk Market. Have laptop with iSlab, Smartphone, and Cellphone cracking software in hand and turned off (open/closed doesn't matter). $75. Place on ground. Now $255. I'm losing $180 to get my device back!

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This occurs if you don't have the appropriate skill, making you unable to identify electronics. The market sells them at full identified value, but you can only sell them at unidentified value.

Kind of a pain in the ass with expensive laptops, I've lost thousands of dollars doing inventory management in the Junk Market because of that, but I learned quickly to be more careful with that kind of thing. It's an unpleasant surprise, but one you usually only experience once.

All I can say is, in these cases, treat the Junk Market like a pawn shop (which it technically is). They want to make a profit, so they're gonna sell these particular items at a markup.

If you need to do inventory management, do it on a different hex.

Not sure if changing the market behavior will be appropriate, since then you would be rewarded for being unskilled by being able to buy a laptop at its unidentified price.

My Philip had Electronics (and Hacking and Mechanical). I should use the Camp screen to shuffle my stuff around next time- at least the Market can't fiddle with that...

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Yeah, the market isn't a good place to do inventory management, as was previously said.

You problem, however, while similar was not caused by a lack of skill to identify an item but by a game shortcoming - turning an electronic device off is automatically making any data/software inside "invisible/blacked out" which also hides it's price. So if your device is turned off, the market will always buy it at the price of the device alone, disregarding value of any data on it. But when they sell, they always take everything into the account.

If that were the other way - market always taking the worth of data on item into account, even if the device is turned off - they would pay in full even for locked devices, making the whole hacking process pointless.

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Not sure if it's a bug, may be it's not? Anyhows:

0.9937 downloaded version; at the start of the game, exiting the cryo lab (jumping out through the window) does not change outside temperature (it remains something close to the quarter of the bar, i.e. freezing, and stays at that for at least a little while afterwards (some 20+ hours).

Or am i wrong to expect the temperature to be at least a bit warmer outside?

Tries i've done: 3. Each time, i did not try to go through the window at once, but used a skill to ddeal with the dogman, and each time it was a different skill, though all three times using a skill resulted in dogman going away: hiding, botany, medic. After dogman was away, each time i checked records, and only then went through the window.

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"Outdoor Temp" is a little misleading. That meter is technically a combination of environment (ambient temperature, weather) and equipment (layers of clothing). It's best used as a "how it feels" gauge. If it's blue/low, then it feels like it's cold outside. This could be because it's 50 degrees out and you're naked, or because it's -30 and you're covered in clothes. If it's high/red, then the inverse is true, and it feels too warm out.

If this meter is NOT balanced, then your INTERNAL temperature begins to suffer accordingly. This meter is placed above it, and becomes "Freezing" or "Overheating" or similar. If it bottoms out due to extreme temperatures, then you die of hypothermia or hyperthermia accordingly.

To restore your core temperature, wear many warm layers of clothing when it's cold out, and take layers off when it's warm.

When you first start out, all you're wearing is a thin hospital gown, and it's a bitter autumn day outside. Find something warm to wear. :) Even if it means rummaging around crumbling buildings or taking it off someone else's twitching corpse. This is your survival, after all.

Thank you. I see. Yes, it is quite misleading then.

I then have a proposition (posting here for the sake of context). A better terms then would be: "Clothing" or "Insulation" instead of "Outside temperature", with values range being, from cold to overheat: "Insufficient (blue color) -> Poor -> Tolerable (green color) -> Good -> Excessive (red color)", or something like that.

TLDR follows (you've been warned... :D ).

I've found that having trapping plus any skill which allows to kill the dogman easily solves most of the initial hypothermia problem. But i found characters who do not have any skill allowing to kill the dogman in the lab - often struggle extremely very much to find enough clothes in time. I've had a game with jeans, two t-shirts, pair of boots and hoodie found during day 1, and still death by hypothermia was close. The sleeping bag event shows up alright for such characters, however it's not exactly intuitive solution. Campfire is, but then, characters without trapping are often not as lucky as to find a lighter during day 1.

I really think some sufficiently warm clothing item(s?) are better be placed in the lab tile for the player to find and put on after he jumps outta the window, possibly just as "already there" item(s) - i.e. available even without scavenging the tile. Dogman coat would still remain useful for its fear-inducing factor, so trappers will still have a point to make it. Perhaps a corpse of some bad mutha with a few scarce possessions which would include said sufficiently warm item(s)?

I udnerstand the idea of throwing out a "WTF???" fella wearing only a lab robe into the wild, but as long as this wild is cold enough to kill in ~dozen hours or even less - given bad enough luck with loot, of course, and absense of above mentioned certain combination of skills, - i'd say it's bad design. IIRC, Dan himself was saying somewhere that he's trying to reduce the improtance of "chance", and increase importance of player's decisions and actions; this early in the game, random remains much deciding factor, if not to "help it" a bit, you know...

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Part of the character generation process is to create a character that can survive. And a few of the skills available have some way to do that. It's mostly a matter of making certain you have at least one of them available, otherwise you are completely trusting to luck.

Which is kind of the point of a roguelike, I guess.

Put behind a spoiler, in case some want to figure it out for themselves:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Trapping: Build a campfire without a lighter.
Mechanic: Repair the climate control in the Cryo Lab.
Strong/Tough: Beat up NPCs for their clothes (aggressive tactic, when scavenging isn't fast enough)
Strong/Melee/Trapping: Used correctly, start the game with a fur coat.

When first starting, I died a lot, mostly to combat, but I could be classified as a meat popsicle on a couple of runs. It's just part of the learning process. :)

My previous post was in an attempt to make the game more beginner-friendly, - not an attempt to get help to myself, since i figured out what's going on on my own... Perhaps poor attempt, and most likely in a wrong place, yes... But my intent was to try help improve the game.

Sorry for lengths... ><

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Running isn't subtracting my hex movement by -0.5 on plains. It's always -1.0. I didn't even have 1/0, either.

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+1. I think i've seen it too, the few times i tried to run around.

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I can confirm that it still works for those with the Athletic skill, but it doesn't for those without it.

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Yep, i didn't have athletic. I remember i was quite surprised: "huh? running is not faster than walking? Straaange...".

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Got one!

http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/2941#comment-16385 :D

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After fending off a horde of Melonheads from my camp, I approached an unconscious Melonhead Leader to finish the job.
I must have launched ten or so such flurries of attacks on the hydrocephalic creature, and it never died. I abandoned the camp site and didn't return.

Apparently, (at least sometimes) one can't remove a strap from a compound bow - the bow gets destroyed in the process.

Found a compound bow with a strap, some ~14% condition. Some time later found another compound bow, some ~35% condition, without a strap. Naturally, i wished to remove the strap from the former and add it to the latter. However, whenever i put the 1st bow into crafting window - the only possible thing to do with it is to break that bow+strap into two small components - some strings and some parts. The bow gets destroyed.

P.S. And yes, i am aware about arrow buttons which are present when multiple outcomes are possible with a given set of items put into the crafting-input area. In this case, those arrows are not present - breaking the bow is the only possible outcome when it's put into crafting area without any other items present there.
P.P.S. Tried to add "mechanic" and/or multitool - doesn't help.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

IIRC, i've seen this one described somewhere in the forum, but it happened to me right now in 37b, so here it goes. Some extra details, too.

Bug: exiled from DMC for 1 year for assaulting an officer, despite the fact i never assaulted one.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Happened after this sequence of events (if i remember correctly; some pieces _may_ be wrong, ain't no robot memory here):
1. set up camp few dozens squares away from DMC, in a forest tile
2. slept well, woke up fully rested
3. spent a turn scavenging
4. pressed "end turn" button. It was still night
5. combat screen appeared, the opponent was "?"
6. took cover
7. next turn started, the "?" changed to a DMC guard. Combat log mentioned that the guard called a drone for support (at which time i went kinda "HUH? WTF???". I chose "reveal oneself" action, as neither cease fire nor talk options were present
8. next turn. I chose "wait" (the icon with a clock)
9. next turn started, guard offered cease fire as his previous-turn action; i chose "agree to cease fire
10. combat interface did NOT go away (as i expected), instead, next turn of "combat" was to do. I chose "offer to talk"
11. yet next turn started; previous turn, both me and the guard chose "offer to talk", which was visible in combat log - yet somehow combat still did not end. Chose "wait" - which at this moment was the only option available
12. next turn, chose "wait"
13. next turn, chise "wait" again
14. next turn. Guard offered to talk one more time during previous turn. However, the option to agree with his offer - was NOT present. So now i chose "offer to talk" myself.
15. NOW combat ended. Usual talk-with-DMC-guard screen appeared (gangs, work, "any rumors" and the leave option). I chose to leave.
16. Went to DMC entrance. The character never visited DMC before. Upon entering the queue, few text screen appeared, including one describing charges (there were 3 charges total, including assaulting a DMC officer, not disclosing personal details and something else). The character was banned from DMC for 1 year.

Personally, i suspect that "take cover" action counts as a combat move, and puts the flag of "did combat with DMC". What i don't get, though, is why then i was able to resolve the situation peacefully... Anyhows, considering that "?" opponent could be anything, - i don't see how "take cover" or some other defensive option could be seen as hostility by the game - at least as long as the player is unable to see who/what exactly the enemy/creature is.

Needless to say, this can break much of the game for some characters. Especially considering that in this case, arriving to Gate 11 didn't even trigger Hatter's dialog...

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Yep, I run into *exactly* the same thing, came in to report it. The problem seems to be with taking cover and/or offering to talk when encountering a drone. This was my first time running into weird banning problems since drones addition, so something seems up. I don't have a save (wasn't at home, wasn't online), but I did keep notes of my exact moves. I'll follow your example and spoiler tag them:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
I was close to the sprawl but hadn't reached it yet, hadn't gotten into DMC yet. It was night and the new turn started with an unknwown enemy (?) spawning/moving in the hex where I was standing (awake).
1. I take cover (because unknown enemy).
2. The enemies become visible: a guard and a drone.
3. I offer to talk.
4. Offer ignored, can't remember their move, probably searched or came closer.
5. I wait a turn, because that's my only available non offensive option.
6. The enemies disappear/move away.
7. I walk to another hex, trying to reach the sprawl.
8. A second guard encounter opens, the guard is visible this time, no drone.
9. I offer to talk.
10. The guard talks to me, I assume all is good.
11. I reach the gate and get banned.

A few days later, again in the sprawl, still banned, a very similar situation occurred, which reinforces the idea that this has to do with offering to talk to a drone:

1. I get the prompt to engage from afar or up close. I chose to engage from afar.
2. I now see it's a drone approaching me.
3. I offer to talk.
4. I am disregarded.
5. I wait two turns, because I have no other non offensive options available.
6. The drone leaves.

This feels like something that would leave many players baffled, because it feels unfair. You are actively trying to avoid engaging in combat and getting banned for it. Thinking about, maybe talking to a drone sounds like a stupid thing to do, but within game mechanics (and because the option is available) it is for many players an instant click.


On a completely unrelated topic, the text in the Hidden Lake, when finding the urn, needs a tiny bit of editing. It is already an awkwardly worded fragment of a sentence (slipped my mind what exactly it was, but something like "found urn", between commas), and it makes little sense if a player arrives at the Hidden Lake before/without Hatter's Quest. The problem would be easily solved if it was turned into a more generalized statement of some variety (also slightly more prominently featured, so new players can get a better hint to look at the floor). Something along the lines of "There is an urn on the floor here" would do. Anyway, just a tiny suggestion.


@Wyrenth: respect. :)

P.S. Just a heads up I forgot to mention: I've been running into some weird "hiding" tags in my last games in this version. I can neither pin point them nor replicate them at this point, but I noticed them two or three times. I just seem to some times randomly see the hiding tag on my list when moving around. It may be right after battles, but again, nothing I can confirm. I didn't have the hiding skill, and I never actively hide except before sleeping. Just throwing it out there, in case someone notices too and can tie it to something more specific.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

May it be that the hiding tag problem is caused because now when choosing to hide and then moving, hiding status does not automatically turns itself off? Cause in this version it is possible to travel while hidden - much less visible but all moves costing x2 AP.

And the DMC tagging is a known issue - if the drone is called, you are automatically banned already. And the silly guards are calling in the drone whenever they encounter, but cannot identify you as you. The same thing happen sometimes when you are asleep and they have problem seeing you because you are on the ground.

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You are right about hiding, that must be it, I had forgotten that change, thanks. I was also not really much around the forums lately, so I didn't know the DMC tagging was a known issue, I'm reading back now and noticing that. I read through your advice about sleeping highly visible as a possible work around for now, I can do that, even though I was awake in both those encounters, so that wouldn't have helped. I am however wondering why a) the drone showed up unaccompanied in the second example I'm citing, and b) the drone was called before the first battle move was even available to me in the first. It doesn't seem that the drone is "called in" as support, it seems it's always around. Of course it would make sense that the guards run around with drones constantly following them or even that the drones patrol alone. But if the bug is resistant, maybe creating a delay workaround (like how the old sniper used to be visibly called in after engaging guards) would serve as a solution?

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

The Cursor offset bug :

Ever since the very first alpha version of Neo scavenger I have played, there have been a bug around that pops up every now and then, that I'm sure everryone have been the victim of, at some point or another. I am of course talking about the "item offset on the mouse cursor" bug.

And I have not been able to replicate it consistently - Until now !

With the new facemask feature, you can use dirty and Clean rags as crude masks.
And this can be used to provoke this bug.

If you take a stack of rags, and click with it on your face, it will leave one rag from the stack on the mask, and "pick up" the rest of the stack where you originally picked up the stack, rather than "picking up" the rest of the stack at the spot where the mouse is currently at.

This can be repeated, and will hopefully help track down the bug itself.

For those of us who prefer everything in images, here you go, an image version of what I just wrote :

image here.

I hope it helps.

On a sidenote :
I thought the Blue Rot Carrier virus could be cleaned out with the Nano Robot treatment at the Haggerty Health Clinic in the DMC ? I currently have a character that has just contracted the carrier virus, and is still in phase one, but the nano treatment did nothing.

Have I gotten something wrong ?

Ah well, it's just pixels.
Mean .. Nasty .. pixels, that're trying to kill ya.

There is a condition in the game (624 - "bleeding internally") that is a double of another one (189 - also "bleeding internally"). However, unlike the former one, condition 624 has no effects at all and apparently never goes away. It does gets applied in a few of the newer Blue Frog encounters (trail of light, that sort of things).

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The past two versions I've been experiencing a bug where, after a certain amount of time elapses, my movement cost to change tiles doubles. It is either linked to turns/moves elapsed or to the start of rainstorms, because it usually starts around the time my second rainstorm begins. Plains and urban tiles begin taking 2 moves to traverse, and forests, ruins, and hills take a whopping 4 moves.

No idea what's causing it yet. Skills are the usual: Trapping, Athletic, Botany, Ranged or Mellee, Tough, Medic, and either Strong or Mechanic, with the traits Myopia, Metabolism, and Insomnia. I've tried a number of different starting strategies, so I don't think it has to do with any specific action. Near as I can tell the effect is permanent.

Running may reset the counter. I'll need to test a second time since I also entered dialogue with an ATN Tribesman on the same turn, but after moving at a run for one turn, the problem has gone away (At least for the moment)

Staying in hiding causes the movement cost to double - might that be the case?

In the last few updates, the hiding condition on the map does not goes away when you start moving, instead allowing to travel hidden (keeping the full bonus to concealment) at double the movement point cost. You need to click the "Hide" button (named "Unhide" in that situation) in order to stop hiding and walk normally.

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Weird game breaking bug, I have no idea if it's known:

I was at ATN, and there was a laptop at the market, with files in it. I was being a smart ass, so I picked it up and turned it on to see what the chances were of it being unlocked, cause I just wanted to look at the files. I didn't get the laptop usage screen, so I sold the laptop back to the market and left ATN. When out of ATN the laptop usage screen poped up, even though I didn't have the laptop in my possession anymore. I couldn't close the screen, so I was stuck. Closing and restarting the game brought me back to the same laptop screen, with no way out.

I don't know how many people would ever try that, but yuh, game breaking nonetheless.

P.S. Re: Hiding and game movement: Is this turning into an issue because us older players weren't used to it, or is this a game mechanic that is obtuse and if unexplained will keep confusing players? Just thinking out loud here.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

The laptop stuff is a bug I guess - there is a certain order in which encounters are played (first one started needs to be done before the second one starts) and the ATN is one big encounter that moves player's character around (unlike Junk Market which is 1 screen and never force-moves the character).

The Hiding issue is a combination - I often forget it works like that (so a veteran mistake) but it also does nothing to signify that the player is hiding except changing what it says on the button. There needs to be a better indication that player is hidden for sure.

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Would be ideal if the game would somehow turn on such a "better indication" - whatever it is, - whenever player a) spends 1+ full turn in hiding yet without moving (including rest and sleep states of course) and THEN 2) tries (or actucally moves) around with hiding still on. I bet majority of "oops i forgot to turn off hiding" cases - are after sleep or rest.

May be flashing hiding button on such occasions, for a turn or two?

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FYI, I'm still lurking here, and reading these. I'm just holding off on tackling anything until I finish the plot stuff I'm working on. Once that's done, I'll do a pass through here and try to nab as many of these bugs as possible.

Just wanted folks to know I haven't abandoned this thread :) Thanks for the reports!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Got a good one for you, Dan: His Majesty the Generous King Ellias' bug. :D

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Bug: king Ellias drops multiple sleds with barrels of Blue Rot cure and individual cure and infection vials (2 or 3 of each type).

Steps to replicate:
1. be fully rested, then visit Saginaw and tell the king the flood is a lie;
2. follow the king; whenever meeting him - take cover 1st turn, then agree to his talk/ceasefire offer 2nd turn (no idea if this is relevant though; but that's what i've been doing)
3. pray for king to meet some enemy
4. pray for king to drop his vehicle during the fight
5. enter the hex king killed his enemy in - ASAP
6a. empty out his vehicle; empty out player's vehicle; equip king's vehicle; load all items from player's vehicle plus vials into (now equipped) king's vehicle; load the barrel of blue rot cure into old player's vehicle and let it be. OR,
6b. simply take vials from king's vehicle, then load the barrel back into his vehicle, then let it be
7. keep following the king, repeat p.3 and p.4. Also keep an eye if any new loot appear in a hex king is being at; if so, enter ASAP, check it out - once, i had him dropping his vehicle just like that, out of the blue
8. keep stealing vials from any next vehicles he drops. There is a fresh supply of 'em vials, every darn time!

P.S. Oh, and when this bug happens, it probably messes up king's destination (at least if the player does what i described, that is): Ellias starts to wonder around back and forth, rather erratically, for many hours. I've seen it happen repeatedly during a single attempt.

P.P.S. I think with strong, wheeled vehicle and really-really-empty Philip, it might be possible to go away with two barrels of it. Didn't try it, not sure if overweight wouldn't cause 0 mobility, but if it'd work... You know. :D

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

i had a bug in the atn enclave. I sold something at the merchant there.. I dont remember exactly what i think mushrooms and ammmo but not meat.(i think i sold ash to make room maybee this was it?) Then somebody said that what i sold smells funny and i am the wendigo. (so obviously cannibalism.. but i dont remeber that i even had meat)
The text from the ATN-people was on 2 screens "oh my god he is the wendigo" and something else i think about strange smell. I got stuck there.. no other options then click on one button and repeat this 2 messages over and over.

This was a known issue in v0.9937b, but should be solved in v0.9941 and later. There's currently a "test" build v0.9941b on both this site and Steam, if you're willing to try that. (Links are below the normal beta download links on this site, or via the opt-in "public test" beta on Steam.)

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