A bug regarding infinite moves.

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A bug regarding infinite moves.

It started when I went to sleep and was attacked by an enfield horror.

I noticed something weird when no matter how many times I attacked it (It was down, unconscious, and bleeding) I couldn't finish it off with my weapon.

I settled on kicking it to death. When I was done, I realized I could move infinitely without having to stop.

The Moves left gui on the corner was like:

Moves left:

I realized I couldn't scavenge either, but I could cover large distances without stopping.

Here's a screenshot

Spoiler: Highlight to view

In this twisted world, I found myself slowly vanishing.

Twisted World - A story from the Apocalypse

It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Is this a fresh save from 9936b or did you load an older save into the current version?

Any old saves loaded into 9936b are missing a variable that cause this to occur. If you're getting this and it's from a fresh game started in 9936b, then that shouldn't be happening. Otherwise, older saves in newer versions are expected to experience this issue.

If you want to continue with your old save, you won't be able to Scavenge while your moves are set to NaN, but you can end your turn to refresh it briefly into a numerical move. It'll change back to NaN when you move into another hex.