Any further plot options with the Merga's Realm items? Also, Hatter.

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Any further plot options with the Merga's Realm items? Also, Hatter.

My current playthrough took me to Hatter first. I then summoned the Wraith and had the DMC Guard wallop it to death, raided the realm for the documents, freed King Elias from his duties at Saginaw, and talked with Michelle at the ATN Enclave, in that order.

Also, has anyone managed to visit Hatter a second time after getting his pass?

On another playthrough, I killed King Elias and hauled his sled of Blue Rot and Blue Rot cure to Hatter. Sold the cure dose to him for 5k. Any way to sell the other two types, or was this a one-time deal?

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You need the medic skill in order to sell it for the maximum price. According to the wiki, you need... to be stupid, for the lowest price. Not sure what does that mean.

Wild speculation: can "stupid" be a possible trait which will be implemented in teh game? Fallout 1 characters with Int <=3 were rather funny... :D

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I am also a bit stuck and 'surviving' rather aimlessly.

I have the Wraith items and have found all places of interest in the world, but am lost as to what to do now. Whenever I visit the Hatter location it says that he is out on business and isn't expected back any time soon (if that even has any bearing on progression). I got the pass from him straight away using Eagle Eye I think it was and since then he's gone.

So now I have these wraith items (which i won't describe to avoid spoilers) and am lost as to what to do next. Killing the Wraith was the last thing I did, as I only just took my ward off following the info at ATN Enclave. I went back to the ATN Enclave following the Wraith encounter with the items to see if me having this stuff triggers anything, but nothing. Maybe try Saginaw next for possible plot progression but after that who knows!

Update: Nothing from Saginaw...Im an outcast and entry is forbidden :) So the only thing I can think of now for progression is the DMC savings bank - which ended up with a guard outside. It won't let me anywhere near the place, but I need to find out more about this account information...stuck.

Am I trying to progress through stuff which isn't in yet?

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