Wandering the Swamp without a gas mask?

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Wandering the Swamp without a gas mask?

So, how big of a problem is this for my character's immune system? About 90% of the time I never use a gas mask when I wander the swamp, and I've never been in any sort of life-threatening situation as a result (or perhaps I haven't lived long enough to see it happen). I've had minor stuff like headaches and dizziness happen, but what I want to knowl is: Are there any MAJOR short or long-term effects of wandering the swamp without a gas mask?

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You'll have the diziness, headaches, and eventually vomiting and stomachpain... Forever (it comes and goes about every 2 days). Other than that, not that I know.

I ended a turn in the swamp with only a rag over my face, and the headaches and dizziness have been happening periodically, but with weakness and now, over a week later, irritated eyes thrown into the mix as well. I left my tracking bracelet in my backpack to see what would happen, and it got me exiled from the DMC, so I can't receive a diagnosis. I'm afraid I'm going to die of cancer in a few weeks or something. :(

Cancer is (usually) a slow killer so it is not in the game. What might happen to you is a cyclical pneumonia.

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Which i'd say is not any much better than cancer, eh. =)

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