16 Slots for skills

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16 Slots for skills

Who would be able to do that instead of 4 slots Basic humans have 16? for v0.9934b version?

1)You need to download Notepad++

2)You open your Neo scavenger.XML

3)You search basic human

4)Find this code

column name="aCapacities">4x2</column

5)Change the 2 to whatever you whant

6)Enjoy ;)

(NOTE=Don't put 2 digits or the game will crash)

The v0.9952b update (11/12/2014, but I received it today through Steam) seems to have changed the way starting skills/traits are allocated. Rather than being limited by space, skills are now weighted based on usefulness to help make things more balanced. I was able to work around the limitation by:

1) using editor as previously mentioned

2) searching "skill:"

3) this search will yield several results, there may be a faster way but I was able to just pan through each and where it says "skill: strong" (and so forth) you should look just below to find a line with "fWeight" (it isn't a very long line)

4) there is a number in the fWeight line that corresponds to the point value, if you change it to "0" it costs no points

5) doing this won't change the rating on the icon of the skill, and when you hit confirm it will let you know if you have unused points. clicking confirm again will complete the process

If you simply use the awesome "Big Bad Cheater" mod, you can take the "Mega Human" flaw that gives you effectively unlimited "points" to spend on skills/traits, meaning you can take as many as you wish!

If you'd rather do it yourself, though, rather than edit the game directly, just make a simple mod that adds a new "flaw" with no negative effects and a high weight; as noted above, the "weight" of a skill/trait determines how much it costs, while the "weight" of a flaw determines how many extra points you get to spend when you take it.

(incidentally, I much prefer this system to the old one... though I think Electrician should cost 2 points!)

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