Work continues on shoring-up the visibility system and hiding.

Today, I found and fixed a few issues with visibility, which might have been causing some erratic visibility checks. So far, hidden creatures are much harder to spot, which makes them both more effective on the map as well as sneaking in combat.

And to further that, I've added this:

IMAGE( They'll never know what hit them.

This was almost the whole point of these changes. I wanted players who were trying to hide and avoid combat to have a valid strategy. This way, creatures who stumble into a hiding player can be more easily escaped. Players can also control the starting range, to avoid Blue Rot. And more aggressive players can get up close and personal for a sneak attack.

Once I can verify that this is working as intended, I'll start some battles with Blue Frogs at various ranges and stages of Blue Rot, to see how the disease transmits. Plus, it'll give me a chance to test out the new face cloths.

We're getting there!


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Woot! Woot!

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So what is this blue rot, I assume it's some kind of disease that frogs have at the start of the game? I didn't get a chance to catch one myself yet.

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In this scenario, I'm a little lost to as to what would happen next based of the two choices.

A. Ambush, am I moving towards them, or waiting? Does this do a sneak attack?
B. Keep your distance, am I moving back as they move forward, and move forward as they move away?

Should there be a third option of just staying put? Depending on what opponent is doing?

Or am I over thinking this, is it just a choice of either committing to the combat scenario, or sneaking away? Could be nice to see the distance.

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Ambush: you start the battle closer to your enemy.
Keep distance: vice versa.

This only comes up when your enemies haven't seen you yet.
I assume dcfedor will correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.

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Atleast some normal way to hunt deers

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They can move 5 "distances" away if they want to. Dogmen are way easier to hunt.

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Yeah but I can't its hard to find dogmens for me somehow, not one time I had pack of deers and couldn't killd them in one hit and they run from me at 0 distance (what the actual fuck)

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@Rovlad, Blue Rot is a fictional disease comparable to pneumonic plague, and which has no readily available cure in NEO Scavenger. It has an over 60% mortality rate, and is communicable at close ranges. NPCs carry and spread the disease, and in many cases, the player has no control over it due to starting ranges partially overlapping with the disease's transmission range. (E.g. high-density hexes can start battle at range 3)

@matsy, I'll clear up the text a little, but you're basically choosing the starting range of the upcoming battle. I.e. "short" or "long" range. It'll depend on the hex, as "short" range in an open field will be much farther than in a forest.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I hope this'll also mean that, having the initiative, this also means we get a good chance to completely avoid the encounter.