Impossible to find Yukon backpacks

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Impossible to find Yukon backpacks

So I've been playing this game for a long time now, and it's been fine.

Except for one thing: I can't find a single bag. Anywhere.

Seriously, it isn't fun, because I can't carry anything, and I like to keep essentials with me.

Can someone find a fix for this?

It is not a bug. The drop rate for backpacks and duffel bags have been reduced significantly a few builds ago. Yukon backpack is meant to be a rare, top tier container. It is still possible to find, loot or buy one, it just does not happen so often as before.

So until you manage to find one for yourself, utilize plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

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This is seriously a feature? Because I've found a quite a few duffel bags. I mean, they're rare, but backpacks aren't appearing anywhere, at all. Not even at the junk market, and I've been there a lot of times.

It is just a matter of luck - duffel bags are not that more common than backpacks.

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Well, looks like I have some real shitty luck. Sorry about the post, I guess.

If you have a Duffel Bag and a Sled, you shouldn't have any issues with carrying capacity.

If you can't get a Duffel Bag, carry a cardboard box with a plastic bag on your back.
If you can't get a sled, go to the ATN Enclave and buy a travois (and a birch bag if you don't have a duffel bag)

My current character has found...3-4 backpacks I believe, so far I've been finding them juuuust fast enough to keep my character equipped.

Right now, my character has....uh...
Yukon Backpack @ ~60%
Duffel Bag @ ~70%
Box Cart @ ~80%

+ Cargo Pants and an Olive Hoodie.
With a Compound Bow in one hand, Monkey Wrench in the Other and a Scoped rifle across his back.
If I need more Cargo Space, I carry two boxes in my Box Cart that I can take out, put my Monkey Wrench in and carry.

I have tooooons of Storage space.
So really, it's somewhat a matter of luck, but more in knowing how to max out the loot bar at every scavenging opportunity....and also how to stay alive long enough to force RnG to work in your favor.

Now, if you're having issues, might I suggest picking a build that helps you max out your loot chances?
Something with lockpicking + strong can usually get the bar pretty high, then you just need one other "tool" like a lighter or crowbar.
Scavenge enough places like this, and you should be able to find one.

Finally, if you /really/ hate playing with the drop rate as low as it is, you can modify your neogame.xml to increase the drop rate of backpacks.
Though I don't know how off the top of my head, I'm sure Kaaven or Chiko could tell you.

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Yeah, it definitely makes packing for exploration a bit more of a challenge. So far all of my higher tier storage (pack, duffle bag) have been loot drops off encounters rather than scavenge results.

So, I guess, maybe try clubbing everyone's brains out until they cough up the goods?

(Too bad their recently evacuated skulls don't store very much...)