Next Feature: More Plot!

Well, the voting continued over the weekend, and "more plot" edged out higher resolution, so it's official! I'll be working on plot for the next little while, expanding the story of our gown-bedecked protagonist and his situation. It may be longer between builds during this phase, since adding plot bit-by-bit might be more spoiler than fun until it's all working in concert. However, I'll still try to address bugs as I go, so do keep me posted as things pop up in that area.

Speaking of which, there are some rather weird bugs I'm trying to track down. One of which is mentioned here. In it, the player disappears, as does the camp, and things like being stuck in sleep or unable to move might happen. It sounds a lot like the game might've crashed, and only some subsystems continue to work, but I have really no solid hunch right now. So if you've seen anything like this, or better yet, have a savegame, let me know!

There is also a bug in crafting where night blindness will kick in if a fire is taken from the ground for crafting purposes (assuming no other light sources are present). One can work around the issue by having a second light source handy, or else crafting in semi-lit hexes (such as urban ones). I'll see if I can figure out a fix for this, though it might be more involved (changing the way item buffs/debuffs work).

Finally, there are reports of stuck stats on either camp or players. In the case of camps, adding/removing items ramps up the stat bars infinitely over time (which only affects the bars, I think, not the actual bonuses). And for players, it may result in conditions getting stuck after save/load.

If either of the above pop up, feel free to post about it in the forums. Even though they're known issues, extra info might help me figure out what's causing them.

That's it for today. Have a good night all, and see you tomorrow!