Visibility Work Continued, and Bugs

As mentioned last week, I'm trying to make the visibility system a more reliable, so players can use "hiding" a bit more strategically. In particular, players should be able to avoid fights if they are good at hiding (and sometimes even if they're not).

To support the above, I've been digging into the movement, awareness, and visibility system a bit. For example, I'm looking into making the sneak moves apply reduced penalties for visibility. I'm also looking into making hiding a mode like running, so it can be used on the move when in map mode, ad an added movement cost.

If I can get it to work correctly, hiding players should be able to more reliably avoid battles, especially in the right terrain. It'll make movement really slow, but at least the safety is a worthy trade-off.

This should also give players more of a chance to avoid infection. I'll have to look into the complexity, but if one of the combatants have the jump on the other, they should be able to control starting range (or avoid the battle, or ambush). I think this'll add some much-requested strategy to battle-planning.

Finally, I also found and fixed two bugs in the code today. First, Chiko and Kaaven helped me track down a bug in the modding code for recipes, which caused crashes proportional to how many modded recipes there were.

Second, I found a bug which caused scavenge sites (i.e. magnifying glasses) to be added to hexes multiple times per hour, instead of once per hour like they should be. This mainly happened due to battle turns (which happen many times per hour). The result should hopefully be a much longer time between scavenge site respawns (and more realistic, forcing players to move around a bit more).

I'm looking forward to seeing both the scavenge fix and visibility stuff in action. I think they'll be some cool improvements!


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Man, I liked walking into tiles to find 6+ scavenge-able locations.


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Trapping should be a bit more useful, right now it's used in one encounter and couple of recipes, compared to hacking which you can use for money or botany which you can use for survival it's not really worth the investment.

>hiding players should be able to more reliably avoid battles
Why would you want to avoid battles? Unless you're crippled or dying of thirst or didn't figure out combat yet it's basically free stuff. I have much more problems with everyone running away from me.

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@Implosive, unfortunately, that made for some weird economies :)

@Rovlad, that's an interesting point of view. I've heard Trapping cited as one of the more valuable skills by some players (catching squirrels, starting fires, farming furs/dogmen coats for money, etc.)

As for avoiding battles, you obviously haven't caught Blue Rot very often :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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lighters aren't that rare that you can't live without them
didn't think of dogmen coats though, so yeah, that evens things out

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Trapping is my number one choice in skills. With that one perk I can get the dogman coat right from the start to keep from freezing, get more meat from every kill, can make a fire every time you find two sticks to rub together, can get squirrels. Botany is almost as useful for survivalist purposes, but I rarely take it bc the fire making is just such a big deal. If there is a forest next to the cryo center and I take mechanic for a travois, I can almost make it to DMC on the cured meat from that first dogman.