Blue Rot Balancing, Combat

The Blue Rot overhaul continues, and today I resumed work on the face mask. I figured out a way to make the active benefits present 34% of the time, so I'll be testing that once other things are in place. I also added innoculation as a benefit if the player survives the full disease course (which is a small chance without the cure).

Part of the changes I discussed also involve the starting battle range. Since battle range often starts at 3 in crowded hexes (forests, ruins), cautious players trying to avoid the Rot are at a disadvantage. To help with this, I'm working on some changes to make starting range more strategic.

One of the things I'm going to attempt is to change the way hiding works. First of all, I've slightly bumped up the effects of hiding to be more effective. Also, it's long been requested that hiding stay active when moving, so I've changed things to make that the case. Movement costs more while hiding, but this way, players can move unnoticed more easily.

And one of the benefits I'm hoping for is that battle sneaking will be more useful, too. Since hiding is no longer removed when the player moves, this should allow players (and creatures!) to sneak for more turns before being noticed. And since that's the case, I thought I'd look into sneak attacks.

Sneak attacks previously only mattered if the target was sleeping/unconscious. Now, however, I've changed attacks to always hit and be more devastating against unaware targets. It's not quite as powerful as a coup de grace against a sleeping target, but it's close.

The net result here should hopefully be more options available to combatants for both avoiding and engaging targets. And Monday, I'll continue looking into ways to adjust starting ranges based on hiding and awareness.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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Few questions about the face mask. Does this mean that the Gas Mask will protect more against infectious disease than the rags on the face? Will you allow a crafting recipe with the rags and a powerful disinfectant (Tannin Tea, or possibly poison berries) to make a more effective bio filter (though not as effective as the gas mask). And will these rags also protect against the defoliant exposure in the black swamp (Also can the defoliant exposure go away?).

Nice to see the Blue Rot getting beaten over the head with the nerf bat. I have a graveyard of Phil's that have died from that disease. A suggestion for Blue Rot during combat would be to show in the later stages of the disease that the enemies have Blue Rot in their conditions.

May your hacked devices always have a five thousand dollar Miley Syrup twerking video.

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Regarding your questions, yes, the gas mask is more effective than the cloth mask for infectious diseases and defoliant. And disinfecting a rag probably won't make much of a difference (a large part of the problem is the coarseness of the rag letting particles through).

The defoliant exposure condition never goes away completely. It is meant to be similar to Agent Orange, used in Vietnam. The conditions come and go over time, but one is never "cured" after being exposed to the chemical.

Finally, Blue Rot in the later stages does show up a bit more (visible vomiting, splotches on skin), so it should be most visible when it is most dangerous, like you say. Hopefully, that will help in choosing who to avoid!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I think that dipping a rag in poison and then breathing through it raises a few questions, that might just be me though.