Gauss Gun Exposed (Huge Spolier Alert)

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Gauss Gun Exposed (Huge Spolier Alert)

for anyone wondering how to make the Gauss gun i now have created one and have a screenshot of the crafting phase of it.

1. The first step in creating the Gauss gun is taking down a DMC drone (and most likely more than one.).

2. You must have the electrician and mechanic skill as well as a pliers and mechanical parts.

3. Once you have destroyed a drone move the crashed drone into the crafting screen with the pliers. (Skills not needed.)

4. You will need to disassemble enough drones to have 1 4mm Gauss gun barrel, 1 4mm Gauss gun receiver, 1 .308 rifle, 1 charging circuit, 1 stage-switching circuit, 3 high-energy capacitor, and 20 assorted small parts.

5. If you have all of these move them in to the crafting screen along with mechanic, electrician, and the pair of pliers.

6. Once completed your new Gauss gun is ready, currently there is a bug in game that requires the Guass gun to shoot energy instead of the 4mm rounds.

4 mm rounds are obtainable through the drones.

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...How do you kill the drones? I've been trying for a whole week.

Lots of ammo and being able to take cover as well as having the DMC armor

Cannibal Family Picnic

You must use a laptop ,or maybe the iSlap one (that with the 3x1 size), battery with charges and the bullets too shot.
The game show only the charges because its chargeprofile 6 AND 31 (31 are loaded behind 6)
6 are the same as the laserrifle, 10 charges per shot.
31 are the 4 mm rounds.
Hope it helps.