Blue Rot Relief

I decided to overhaul Blue Rot today, after reading some more player feedback. Some really good suggestions were made, and I want to see if I can make them real. The goal will be to add more ways for players to strategically avoid the disease, and to make it a bit more realistic, hopefully making it more fun than frustrating.

One of the changes will be to alter the transmission range to vary according to the disease's current stage. Early onset will have a range of 0, while full-blown Blue Rot 3 transmits up to range 3. Not only will this reduce transmission in general, but it'll also make high-risk targets easier to avoid (since Blue Rot 2 and 3 have the most visible symptoms).

In addition to this, I'm going to check to see if alertness affects starting battle range. It should, and I feel like I set this up before, but perhaps it isn't working. In any case, highly alert players should start at longer ranges once this is done.

I'm also going to verify that survivors of Blue Rot are safe from it in the future, since they effectively have the antibodies after living through it.

And finally, I'm going to add a new tool to the game to help protect against airborne disease: rags over the face. Players will be able to place dirty and clean rags over the face to help reduce chances of catching airborne disease. They won't be as effective as gas masks, but they'll be more readily available and at least help a bit. (According to this test, they have a 34% success rate.)

The tricky part is going to be finding a way to make this work. The game doesn't have any way of modulating the immunity. Someone is either immune to something or they're not. What I may do is have it randomly switch between working and failing each turn, so that it works 34% of the time. In practice, this should work out close to the same as 34% chance of immunity each infection.

However, playing with adding/subtracting immunities on a timer could cause weird results, so I'll have to test this out.

In any case, players should soon have a bit more control over their health. And as usual, it'll require some strategy and trade-offs!


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Long time ago my character got Blue Rot 3. He was very healthy and now sign of deteriorating health. All stats are full bar. Then suddenly he dropped dead. For me this is not very immersive or this is your intention? I think it would be better if the character's health will deteriorate (e.g. status ailments like pneumonia, cold etc.) slowly then either die or recover.

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He had spoken to me about some of my comments in the forums, ironically something not too unlike this was covered. I think you ended up going from not infected at all, to full blown infection, due to the kinks in the older design; However, if I have read his responses correctly, he intends to make the infection methods more realistic.

I think—I don't know for certain, I'm not one of the programers—the old method caused a person to obtain the same level of the disease as the thing they caught it from. He plans on making it to where regardless the infection stage of the carrier during transmission, the recipient will start at the beginning.(A.K.A. stage 0)

This *should* give more of that 'deteriorating health' effect that you were expecting.