[0.9934b] Bugs and Issues

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[0.9934b] Bugs and Issues

When scavenging forest squares with a squirrel snare, I keep getting squirrel corpses with very low condition %. I have gotten a few with less than 1% condition which meant I had to cook and eat them the same round I got them or they spoiled immediately. It seems the majority are below 50 % condition. This is making it very hard to cure and store meat as when I get it it is already so low it would only keep for a day or so. The condition just seems random, which doesn't make much sense. Were these squirrels suffering from a wasting sickness before I snared them? AFAIK most snares are designed NOT to even kill the animal so that the meat WON'T spoil before you can get around to collect it. You have to bop them on the head yourself.

ATN hub, visit Joe twice. Leave area, reenter. Visit Joe option now locked out?

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I think he's on a timer, maybe a week? Or more. I know the meal's on one. I'll check...

Looks like a 72 hour lockout, which seems reasonable to me. I think if he has to warn you, though, you get locked out for 72 hours from that point as well (consequtive, not cumulative).

In other words, try back in three days.

When gear is returned at Zom Zom's, all the electricity gets dumped from the batteries, while arrows "in" a bow do not nor does stuff inside a backpack.

Huh. I noticed that too, but it was only the batteries I had in my phone in my pocket. The stuff in my cart was fine. I suspect it's only dumping out stuff in first level containers (pockets, hands) not nested stuff.

That's an interesting point. I know nothing about RL snares, so I can't comment.

This has been WAI pretty much forever, though. Not a new issue, if D wants to address it at all.

A hold-over bug from previous versions:

You can store a full backpack (turn it sideways) inside a full duffle bag inside a full backpack, inside a full duffle bag, inside a full backpack, etc etc. Infinite recursive storage.

Less exploitable now that both of those are rare, but still.

Here's a screenshot of it for you.


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Speaking of "duffle bags", is there any reason Philip remembers that spelling over "duffel bag"? The word origin is the city of Duffel, after all. Has the rumor-fueled law of majority in the area made "duffle" the dominant word?

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Discovered The homemade 4mm gauss gun is shooting electricity not 4mm ammo.

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Junk Market. Have two separate Hydrocodone pills (orange painkillers) on ground. Stack one pill with the other. First pill is lost?

Found in Steam beta.

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The camp icon doesn't disappear when a camp is empty.

Yeah, I've seen this behavior in the last three versions. I couldn't remember if it was the way the game used to work, having not played in months. Anywhere I've camped (or dropped items into the camp screen or even just selected a new camp location from the options) is permanently marked in my game.

Before, it did happen - once every a big while. Now it's so common I honestly stopped noticing it as something weird anymore. But yeah, that's definitively not how it used to work.

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I've also encountered the missing pills bug.

Hell No!

Had a rifle with strap equipped to shoulder. If you remove all your shirts/coats, portions of the rifle graphic overlay on top of the body graphic. Not generally noticeable unless you're rearranging your clothing (I tend to leave high condition items on the bottom of a stack, so I can see at a glance how long before something begins to expire).

Not sure if this is a bug, but when I tried to enter the DMC with the Pass obtained from the white Lady, I was immediately exiled. Just to clarify, it was my first time trying to enter the DMC and I didn't kill any DMC guards either. The Hatter encounter never played and the DMC stayed locked for three months (then I died). I feel that it isn't clear that that DMC tracker can't be used to enter the DMC and I think the mistake would be treated to harshly if it indeed isn't a bug.


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While the fairness is indeed debatable, this is not a bug. If you want more spoilery info, check the wiki.

Yup. The first time I made it to the DMC I died because I didn't have a pass and didn't know where to get one. The second time I made it to the DMC I had gotten the pass from the Forest and I was so happy. Then I got banned for three months. lol. It is cruel at the time, but funny in retrospect.

My dude lost one of his move points for no reason. As shown below, should have 4, but instead has only 3 available.


I am relatively confident it has something to do with blisters condition stacking/not being removed correctly/not showing right. I think, it happened when (after getteing blisters, but before they could heal) I switched the wrong boot I was wearing with another bad one (better condition :D) and the condition was re-applied. But I might be wrong here.

Anyway, this does not go away after saving/restarting.

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Regarding Saginaw:

1. Choosing the option "Refuse the Trial of Water" against Liza gives text saying, "insert description here". I can hit the spacebar and go right on to the next text ("Liza looks indifferent to your choice.").

2. If I enter Saginaw via Tracking, the spacebar/Confirm button doesn't work upon banishment by Liza or release by the little girl. The game still functions - music, cursor, and all; I'm just stuck at that encounter screen.

4. Refusing Liza's offer yields text where she throws a blade and I use my lowered stance to launch toward her - but the encounter ends there abruptly, and is mostly reset upon re-entering the hex. The "look around for anything useful" option and the two Rollo conversations are gone from this second encounter if I selected them in the first instance of the encounter, but all of Liza's conversational paths are available again.

Lots of good info here!

Squirrel Snares

This is a known issue, though I haven't had time to address it yet. Basically, all scavenge loot is "weathered," including corpses that are found in the process. One could argue that this particular snare, which relies upon strangling/hanging rodents, might produce rotting corpses by the time they are retrieved. However, they should probably not have rotted much in the time that it takes to scavenge (~1 hour).

Zom Zom's Electricity

Looks like electric charges were somehow on the confiscate list for ZZ's. I've changed that to prevent this in the future.


The fix for this is to make the various containers forbidden contents for each other. It's unrealistic, in some cases, but the only way to avoid infinite recursion without rewriting some systems. I've made this the case in the upcoming build.

Duffel vs. Duffle

I didn't realize there were two spellings of the word! I tend to prefer original spellings where I can, so let's go with "duffel."

4mm Gauss Shooting Electricity

This might be a misconception due to UI limitations. The homemade Gauss rifle shoots 4mm rounds, but also requires electricity per shot. The UI can only show one of those at a time, so it shows the electricity. The gun will not shoot without both electricity and bullets.

Hydrocodone Stacking Bug

I was unable to make this happen. Is there a trick to it? I tried placing two pills separately on the ground at the Junk Market, then took one and successfully stacked on the other. I was also able to stack onto the pill using take/drop mode from my inventory.

Camp Icon Not Disappearing

This was accidentally disabled when some item code was consolidated. I've added it back for now, though there may be a weird case of missing icon if you empty the current camp even though you have items in another camp at that hex.

Rifle Shoulder Overlap

This is a side-effect of the way the slots are layered. Items appear over the slot they occupy, and the shoulder slot is behind the torso. I'm unsure if I'll have time to fix this, since it'll probably be more work than it's worth.

DMC False Pass

This one's a bit controversial. In my mind, taking gifts from strangers and getting in trouble for it is fair game. I mean, who is this Lady in the Forest? Why would you trust her? Isn't it a bit convenient she shows up when she does? How do you know she isn't out to get you?

To me, this teaches a valuable lesson for survival in future games: be careful whom you trust.


This was actually a UI bug. You had -2 movement due to blisters, but the UI only shows the unstacked values. I've fixed the UI, and we'll have to see if the stacking blisters warrant tweaking.

My thinking with stacking blisters was that new shoes means blisters in new spots, to the point where your whole foot is blistered. The game will not allow you to have < 1 move/turn (unless overburdened), but we may discover that blisters should be limited to -1 max penalty (i.e. no stacking).

Saginaw Bugs

Was definitely able to repro all three of these, and fix them.

Thanks, all, for the heads-up!

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I can't seem to enter the saginwan mantal institute I can go on top of the tile but it won't let me enter no option to use something to enter and no encounter gets started.