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The possibility of taking poisonous berries and or mushrooms and with the botany skill turn them into usable poisons.

For Example: Player uses White Berry

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(Always Poisonous)

and Death Cap along with the botany skill to form a
poisonous substance. Then player could apply to arrow tips, spear heads, or weapon blades. This leads to target getting either poison 2 or 3 depending on its severity. If Player does not have botany he has the option of buying at the ATN enclave.

Another possibility would be smearing weapons with feces which was a commonly used tactic which was incorporated by the NVAGF (North Vietnam Army Gorilla Fighters). The would smear Punji Stakes with it, to cause serious infection if spear by one.

I am not sure if it would be possible or tweak able with any of the currant systems but it would give use to the annoying and sometime fatal berries and mushrooms in game. The only thing i could think of would be the possibility of getting an infection of a wound going up.

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