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Someone Please confirm this. Attached image, I am currently using NO mods what-so-ever

This is the first time in many,many playthroughs that I have found this recipe.

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The rifle, as a recipe, was added as a part of the newest wave of game changes, two-three days ago. So it is fresh new.

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Yeah, I found at least two copies of that recipe during my travels. My current recipe list has several variations for adding scopes/slings right under the same list for the hunting rifle. Note that they all require a working rifle or the parts to make one, which I HAVEN'T found. I was thinking you'd found/crafted the real thing.

My current theory (which I won't be xml-diving to confirm so as not to spoil my fun) is that you need to dissassemble a downed drone for parts. As I'm not running a Mechanic/Electrician build...

I have lived long enough in my current game to have crafted one. The only problem is that it wants to shoot energy for some reason.

As you can seen in the bottom right hand corner it has gauss gun shooting electricity like a laser rifle.

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Just reread your post and seen "Lived long enough" and wounder if you can die while you have that *immortal* effect. Btw what method did you use to become a god?

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Huh i never noticed that until u pointed it out just now. I have no idea how i got the immortal effect.

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