[0.9933b] Bugs and Issues

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[0.9933b] Bugs and Issues

[Holdover from 0.9932b] Placed 2 noise traps into a campsite. Moved 1 trap from site to ground. Stacked other trap from site with trap on ground. Placed both traps back to site. A net positive gain to Alertness can be seen.

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- When in Big GUI and I wear a gas mask, I see the inventory for it pop up in the top left corner. http://imgur.com/vYOENlY

- When I switch from Big GUI to 4:3 GUI and then Small GUI, in that order, my Small GUI is messed up.
If I go straight to Small GUI from Big GUI it doesn't happen. http://imgur.com/Zqg7OIL

- When I switch from Big GUI to Small GUI and then 4:3 GUI, in that order, my 4:3 GUI is messed up.
If I go straight to 4:3 GUI from Big GUI it doesn't happen. http://imgur.com/mZYZH6S

- Blisters on your feet conditions gives +1 maximum movement, instead of -1. It is infinitely stackable too, if I just take off the shoe and put it back on every time the blister develops, it keeps giving another +1 max move. I was up to 10 movement points while testing.

The "Hot Brick" RTG Cell seems to be replaced with some kind of battery.



Looks like a laptop battery.

Odd that that would have happened though, is the problem reproducible?
Almost looks like a null pointer error.

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On my other save i had the RTG cell in my inventory and it changed to a Gauss rifle battery.

I noticed that too, although I expected it was just meant to be a generic "battery". Pretty sure that's the icon for the iSlab battery, actually. Sounds like the encounter table is using the wrong reference call for .... yeah.

Yeah, ya'll are right, it's using 33.6 -- Gauss Rifle Battery
Shouldn't it be using 33.370 for the Hot Brick?

This is encounter 219, BTW. What's eventually handed over is treasure 489, the "RTG Power Cell" which also points to the gauss rifle battery. The hot brick was completely written out of the encounter and is no longer awarded anywhere by the game. The changes to the treasure table makes me think this was intentional. If so, shouldn't the encounter text be updated as well?

It seems possible that it's related to the removal of the DMC Sniper and addition of drones in the recent update.

I'd say that it's probably meant to be a quest-related reward which allows the player to actually equip and use a Gauss Rifle?

At the moment, not much else makes sense.

I am become death; destroyer of worlds.

I'd be cool with that (although I think it'd be a waste to completely remove a unique item like the hot brick) except the dialogue hasn't been updated to reflect what you're actually negotiating for.

Also it seems unfair that only, what, 1 in 3 games will even have the option to encounter Bob in dialogue. Isn't that right, this whole section of the mine encounter is locked away behind random selection that occurs at the beginning of the game? Like the Strange Forest, Stranglers Hood, etc?

But then I've always been of the strong opinion that it's (pardon my French) Stupid to lock away the already too limited game content/encounter options based on random number generation. I didn't win that fight.

Fortunately I don't THINK this is the only place you can get a battery for a rifle. Not that I've gotten a rifle yet...

Got the blister fixed, and the campsite noise trap. Former was a missing negative, and the latter was a case of campsites counting stacks differently than normal items, and both collided in code.

The RTG issue is, in fact, a bug. I accidentally created a new item with ID 33.6 which overwrote the RTG cell. I've fixed that locally, and Bob now gives the RTG again. The other battery is craftable for electricians.

@Caerold, I sort of came around on your suggestion to not lock away content due to random number gen. Stoat is now based on deterministic choices instead of random numbers. I'm unsure if Bob or the Lady will, too. Bob makes more sense, or at least, should alternate between there and not over time in the same game. But the Lady might be more one-off, and random. Still, enhancing the Bob encounter will take time, and I'll likely focus on the next encounter and other things first.

@Dragoonseal, I'm looking into those UI issues now. Thanks for the thorough testing/images!

Thanks, all!

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Random chance when entering the encounter seems better to me than "one chance, predetermined, per game," especially for someone like Bob. Granted, now that encounters can be reentered without penalty, it may come a little too close to a save scum situation without the saving.

Ideally there'd be a chance for an extended encounter rolled the first time you enter each day, then use a condition to close off that portion of the encounter if you don't want to allow a repeat after the first time. That way if a fellow wanted to drop by the mine every day for a week to make sure they can catch Bob, they could do it. Personally I think it'd be cool with Bob if you treated him, fixed his cat and traded for a brick, perhaps in seperate instances of the encounter. Of course, you might need to rewrite a second/third meeting description if there isn't already one. I agree, there's no reason you'd see the Lady twice, though.

Anyway, I understand you've got limited cycles. Pet issue of mine is all. I think I've learned enough by now I could mod it in myself, come to think of it.

Not sure if this is a bug, but when I tried to enter Cale's apartment in DMC, my only option was to bust open the door using strong, although I had lock picks and Lockpicking as an ability. If this isn't a bug, then I think it should be an option.


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Both his door and the building main entrance use electronic locks with keycards. A few scraps of metal bent into shape for opening physical locks wouldn't do you any good, IMO. If you want to hack an electronic lock you need hacking skillz and (or at least) keycard spoofing software. That's pretty much the only reason the RFID stuff exists.