How do I update the steam verson if I didn't buy it on bluebottle games first?

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How do I update the steam verson if I didn't buy it on bluebottle games first?

I have noticed several updates on this site that do not *seem* to be on the version I bought on steam.

I have only purchased through steam and I have noticed there has been an update since my purchase. I was wondering how would I get the updates? do I need this 'steam key' everyone seems to talk about? or is there some other method? (please be detailed in any directions given. I haven't 'linked' any accounts and am probably ignorant on the layouts of many of the sites involved.)

To be honest, this question is the whole reason I made an account on this site. Though, now that I have one, maybe I can join in on other stuff.

Hey reflective vagrant,

It sounds like you may still be using the "default" Steam build. To get the latest test builds, you'll need to opt-into the "public_test" beta on Steam. Instructions for how to opt-into the test beta are here.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Sweet, it's downloading.

Thank you. for future reference, Is it alright If I buy the 'Yukon' version directly on the main site as well? (to support further, should I choose to) Or would that cause a conflict?

No problem. Glad to hear it's working!

If you purchase the Yukon edition here, you'll gain access to the Yukon edition on this site, a signed thank you postcard, plus one additional NEO Scavenger key for each of Desura and Steam platforms. The Steam key is redundant with your current copy on Steam (Yukon version is exclusive to this site), but you're welcome to gift it to someone else, for example.

Hopefully, that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

you mean I could share/gift (probably 1 time use right?) the steam key? Or i could gift the entire purchase on this site to someone else?

Sorry, I should've made that last part clearer. You can gift the extra Steam key, and it is a 1-time thing (keys can only be used once).

Technically, you could gift the whole Yukon purchase, too. For that, the best way is to create a new account to give to someone, buy Yukon with it, then give them the login details so they can update the email address, login, password to what they want. (Unfortunately, I didn't think of gifting when designing the purchase process, so this is admittedly clunky. Next time, I'll have to do better!)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games