Crash Site (Spoiler Alert)

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Crash Site (Spoiler Alert)
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Just found a crash site in the black swamp and it had a crap ton of full whiskey bottles is this the secret loot location.
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Heres an image of the after scavenge

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The map now has a few, very rare wreckage sites where hover vehicles have crashed and ditched cargo. Sometimes the cargo is crappy, but not in your case!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

i have found two others since then a one full of elecronics and one with corny cola.

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I found one that was nothing but crowbars and other tools. I also found WAY more electronics in the swamp scavenge locations than elsewhere. Really cool thematically and something to note when searching for a laptop next time I'm starting a new Hacker build.

Now if I could only find a passel of yukon backpacks... those things are CRAZY rare now. What is it, 2% chance a random container will be a backpack? And 1% for a duffel (which I've NEVER seen). Now I'm just glad the one yukon my guy has ever found started at 65%

I've been finding back packs you just have to kill looters to find them. Also the Riot Duffle is rare now mainly because it can fit over the slot where the soft birch bag can fit. Making it extremely OP.

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Are you folks exploring the black swamp while wearing operating gas masks? I've found tons of masks but very rarely do I find filters (and it seems like filters degrade even in storage - is that true?). Maybe I just need to deal with the health consequences of the swamp and not be such a wimp about it?

No the filters don't degrade while in your inventory only when there in your gas mask on your face. And yes focus on killing blue frogs to obtain gas masks with working filters. They are difficult to find sometimes but you can usually find one in each game. Make sure you kill them with a ranged weapon to avoid obtaining blue rot.

If u cant find a gas mask make sure u go in with plenty of antibiotics ( don't worry the loot in there will cover the cost usually).

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Someone's gonna get wasted!!!!

(Or some well disinfected wounds)

A dogman? Ha! I killed these back in the Cryo Facility. Bring it on!
*Gets slaughtered*

I found a porn stash

Yup that was the stash of bottles of whiskey i found too, sold em all for around 4k$, i went shopping after that you can imagine :)

I just found a forest crash site, gave me a bunch of UVD's worth nothing. :(