UVD? Anyone?

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UVD? Anyone?

Found multiple 100% condition UVD's but have no clue what there for help?

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Aside from silly background/lore reflecting our consumer society, I *think* the only purpose they (currently?) have is to break them up for plastic shards. Plastic shards are about 10 times sturdier than glass shards, making them an excellent tool for cutting/skinning/etc. So far as I can tell, anything that you can do with a glass shard you can do with a plastic shard. This includes using them to make glass (LOL) shivs. Transmutation, perhaps?

Seriously, though, I need to do some testing to see if the 2.5% (or whatever -- I forget the actual number) degrade rate on use translates to greater sturdiness when used in crude arrows, etc. I don't think the game figures the math like that, but I can guarantee they perform a LOT better as a tool than the 25% degrade glass equivalent.

Thanks for the info, hopefully they will be used for other things later on like data storage or something.

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I added the UVDs as sort of social commentary, like Caerold says. The main reason was for the new crash site loot. I wanted there to be crates of stuff, but I didn't want every site to have crates full of useful stuff. So I created some corny UVDs, similar to useless data files in hardware, as a way to show we cared about trivial stuff before the apocalypse.

The plastic shards are one useful thing about them. And there is at least one UVD that people still care about :)

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Cool a little easter egg is going to be fun to look for.

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I know there's at least one dude who REALLY likes hats, neh? Hence the name?

Actually, I haven't found that one yet, but I'm digging the UVD case artwork for the concert UVD.

Thanks now i know what to look for.

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Is this the item of your saying.


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Bridgett Lance... Now I get it :D Took me a while though.

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LOL.... I actually didn't get that... I don't usually think that deeply about such things. I had to read your post and ponder synonyms for a moment.

But now I'm off and thinking about the Order of the Stick's take on Monty Python's Cheese Shop sketch...

That's the artwork I liked, yeah, but it isn't the dvd I mentioned in connection with Hatter (which is all speculation, I must admit).

it would make sense as its the only one with any actual artwork.

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Yeah sadly i took it all the way to DMC for hatter only to find a 100% Scratched Disk. Hatter wouldn't accept that now would he.

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