Idea: Police Jackets or Kevlar Vests

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Idea: Police Jackets or Kevlar Vests

Police wear all sorts of interesting gear including body armor, helmets and tear proof pants. My idea is to add many of these items to the game hopefully off a base from the original game of DMC Tactical Vest.The items i hope to add are as follows.

- Police tactical vest, Has less inventory space than DMC vest and is scavenge able. Rare
- Police Jacket, basically a Hoodie but with more inventory space and less warmth. Uncommon
- Police Pants, Pants specifically for protection from tears in the fabric (degrades slower). Rare
- Riot Gear, Armored pants and body covers designed to protect against all forms of weapons. Extremely Rare
- Riot Helmet, a helmet with integrated face mask to protect against projectiles. Extremely Rare

Those are some of my suggestions, if somebody could work on it or even better show myself how to do it (as i am not very good at this.) I would be extremely grateful.

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Thank you for requesting this, I have some of this done already at

Still working on this though.

Thanks man cant wait to see how it is.

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