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Alright, I have invested so much time into my current character; I have a shotgun, scoped rifle, revolver, gas mask, etc. but I can not for the life of me find a backpack. These things are like the most rare items IN THE GAME. It is ridiculous and I wanted to know if anyone was having the same problem. P.S. i am using the test build so that might be the reason.

When you're in a hex with a little magnifying icon, you can press 'E' to scavenge it and find extra items.
Clearly if you can't even find a simple backpack, you must not have learned how to do that yet.

Always happy to help a new player out. :D

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same thing has been happening to me i have not been able to find a single backpack since i started using the test beta on steam


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The backpacks became very rare, two or three versions ago. It is by design - since the Yukon backpack is the best possible container to have, everyone being able to find two or three on their way from Cryo to the DMC was a bit... anti-climactic. It is made rare now, and for the most part players have to relay on the plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

To a lesser extend, similar re-balancing also affected vehicles (sleds and carts) making using the Mechanic's skill to make a Travois a viable option, as well as medicines in general (again, to prevent a situations where players could scavenge $1000+ in meds during their first trip to the Glow).

It is important to explain, however, that those items are not being withheld from the players at the beginning, and it is still possible to find a full medkit, a stringed sled or Yukon backpack during your very first scavenging attempt. It's just the general chance of finding those is lowered.

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I actually managed to find a green duffel bag, which was like 2.5 plastic bags and much better durability. Are they going to add more kind of in-between backpack containers?

In my experience the nanokits are not near as rare as they used to be. I found several of them in the time it took to find a yukon.

After hundreds of urban scavenges the rarity feels something like:
cheap containers
first aid kits
RX pills
shopping carts
duffel bag

Meds aren't really a problem if you've access to the DMC pharmacy. Unfortunately the junk shop's stock has been hit HARD. There's very rarely anything in stock that a wealthy scavenger would bother buying. Now that I've got my new eyes there's really very little opportunity to spend cash, so it's accumulating quite fast. I don't even bother to pick up anything to sell anymore.

The birch bag is great, but I'd really like to see a higher chance of finding a yukon for sale in the junk shop. Maybe crank up the price to $2-300 now since they're so rare?