What's That Sound? Drones! And Also, Congrats, Bro!

As mentioned yesterday, I've been looking into ways of making the DMC Sniper less weird, and one potential solution is replacing it with a UAV/Drone. A drone makes more sense as something that could appear in the field quickly, not to mention less costly than losing trained people if they get hit.

Well, today I started down that path, and have the basics arted and hooked-up. Here's a sneak preview:

IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2014-08-13.png) That'll buff right out.

It turns out that making a mechanical creature is fraught with quite a few obstacles. It means a different kind of corpse (no meat), different behavior, immunity to most battle conditions (bleeding, pain, etc.), non-human hit locations, and weird attack range and movement rates. It's going to be interesting.

However, in a world where arcologies, nanorobotic medkits, and hover cycles exist, I'll eventually have to tackle this subject. (Sooner rather than later, considering the last remaining plot location.)

I also finished hooking up Paul's new batch of sounds, and I think that means most physical objects are covered. Things like encounter choices and skills still lack unique audio, but all physical items should at least have their own sounds.

I worked on a few more bug fixes, too. Blue Rot had a perpetual re-infection bug, and software could be swapped for a battery in the UI, causing problems. So I fixed those both, too.

Congrats, Bro!

And finally, I want to give a big shout out to my brother, Chris, for publishing his first book!

IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2014-08-13a.png) Beware this little guy's "Major Stink" spell!

It's called Dungeon Crawlers, and is a mash-up of baby record book, RPG stat sheet, and a bit of mad-libs for new parents. If you know of any RPG fans expecting a new addition, please spread the word!


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Hey Dan! I love the idea of Drones being used instead of snipers, makes much more sense when they appear way out in the middle of no-where and have incredibly high accuracy.

When you started talking about what kind of weaponry to put on it though, my mind immediately jumped to this:

It's got fairly long range, a relatively small power requirement, multiple power levels ranging from lethal to mild discomfort, is currently used by law enforcement (Which the DMC guards seem to be.) and is in devolpment today.

It makes total sense to me for it have been completed to a level where it is effective and small enough to be mounted on drones by the time the collapse happened, and also seems to fit in with the "High-Tech Police" theme of the DMC guards.

Well, it's just my thoughts on the matter. Make of them what you will. ^.^


Some more thoughts came to mind today as I was thinking about how something like this could possibly be implemented with the game mechanics already present.

Since the primary usage of the device is not to cause wounds, but pain. It could be something as simple as....
"For every turn the drone is present, player suffers from continuously increasing pain"

Act hostile towards the guard or the drone and the drone can use a special move like..."Increase power output" to cause the pain level to start rising faster.

Of course, while not directly wounding the player, it is still very effective at hindering their ability to move and fight...even eventually causing them to black out from the intense pain.

Furthermore, it could also raise your temperature bar....forcing the player to strip off extra layers of clothing and armor or risk suffering from Heat exhaustion or Heat stroke.

And a couple more reasons why it seems to make sense to me.
1) The country that first started developing this technology is the US, where is Neo Scav set in? The US.

2) The idea of "Sniper support" for DMC guards never made much sense to me, for a very simple reason.
A sniper is designed to take out singular high-priority targets. However...assuming you are unaware of Philly's existence...which one of these shoe-stealing hobo's out in the wasteland could actually pose enough of a threat to a fully armored guard equipped with military gear and equipment?
It makes far more sense for an AoE weapon to be used, however...a standard AoE weapon, such as an explosive device are costly to manufacture, large, have limited ammunition, cause large amounts of collateral damage and are not capable of bringing down an opponent without killing them....making them less than ideal for a police force.
So something like a "Heat Ray" makes the most sense.

3)A drone equipped with this "Heat Ray" could also be of use to DMC Guards operating on extended combat operations.
It's essentially a "Microwave ray" so boiling water or heating food instantly is entirely possible....as well as (though unadvised) using the ray on it's lowest power setting to keep your body temperature up. Making it useful as a survival tool should DMC guards find themselves trapped in the wasteland without food or water.

Note that the above examples are merely lore reasons why it makes sense and not actual gameplay mechanics that I am suggesting.
Though it would be quite sweet if the player could like....shoot a drone down, repair it, change the IFF and then use it to do stuff like that for him.
(How sweet would that be to have a drone boil your water and cook your food for you? Or even guard you whilst you sleep?)

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Funny you should mention that! The ADS does have a role in NEO Scavenger, just not on DMC drones :)

If you read the newspaper headlines, you'll notice a story or two about Camp Grayling's new energized perimeter, which uses ADS to deter would-be intruders (and wildlife). It's quite possible that players will get a much more personal introduction to ADS in the future...

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Hmm, now that you mention it...

I haven't been reading the newspaper headlines at all lately, perhaps I should start doing it some more to pick up on interesting little tidbits like that. :P

Very cool that we're going to see something like the ADS in the game though, I hope you find an interesting way to implement it and not just a simple "instant-death wall" if you pick the wrong text option.

Any other ideas for what to do with drones then? Since you likely won't want to use the same technology for both drones AND Camp Grayling.

I am become death; destroyer of worlds.

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Well congrats to your bro, as a growing novelist I can say that making a book is quite hard, many people think they can just throw some words, and people into a random theme, but you have to think, it's like making a game, it won't be interesting if the main character is a buff, alien-hunting, wizard, who can stare at things tell they die, it would just be paragraphs of:
His eye twitches, you hear a bomb.

Anyhow, the idea of drones is awesome, maybe they could drop napalm, and the hex it hits burns for 3 turns, then turns into a ruined city, or field (depending on what it was before).


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Slumps Of War

Good stuff, keep up the good work