Blue Rot, DMC Snipers, Bug Fixing, and New Audio

I spent a few hours today going over some more forum posts from players (both here and elsewhere). I tried to comment where I could, if I had something useful to contribute. And in other places, I wasn't sure if I would have time to do anything, so I just lurked.

One of the things I'm looking at is feedback on Blue Rot. This is a pretty serious illness with no known cure in NEO Scavenger, and a lot of players are succumbing to it. It's possible that this disease needs some nerfing, but I'm also watching to see if it might just be a case of old strategies becoming more dangerous. E.g. melee builds now risk Blue Rot exposure, while combat-avoidance and ranged builds sidestep the disease.

My hunch is that too many people have gotten cozy with their strong+melee+tough builds, and now have an enemy they can't punch :)

I'm also considering replacing the DMC sniper with a UAV drone. Given the way the law enforcement is evolving, and the prominence of UAVs in NEO Scavenger's lore, they might be a reasonable stand-in for DMC officer support. SkyCorps cycles might be too precious to dispatch for every pair of guards, but drones would be cheap and efficient.

This would replace the need for a ghostly sniper, and DMC guards could start calling for drone/UAV support instead. I have to look into the game mechanics a bit, but I think I can give them a minimum range and a high mobility, to ensure they don't try to get within melee range.

Another question is what they have for armament. The cheap and easy route would be to give them the DMC sniper's gauss rifle. However, I'm unsure whether a UAV would be able to carry an effective energy supply for such a weapon. Conventional rounds might make more sense.

Even more sensible might be a dazzle ray, designed to blind targets. The energy requirements for a blinding laser are much lower, and could probably be just as effective in stopping a target.

Finally, I have to figure out what to do about the UAV's corpse, too. If the player manages to defeat it, what then? Small parts and batteries? Ammo? Players are going to want to play with the loot/debris somehow. So this is actually a bit more complicated than a skin change for the sniper.

Outside of the above ruminations, I also did some bug fixing today. I fixed an issue that caused containers' contents to rotate sometimes when they are inside an item being crafted. I fixed a missing Hatter encounter trigger after using Trapping/Tracking when you meet him. And fixed a typo in the ATN encounter.

I also decided to make the Player's starting stats defined by the creature table, so modders could add their own starting conditions and attackmodes to the player.

Finally, I've had a growing backlog of sound effects for items from Paul, so I decided to catch-up on that. This new batch should cover some pretty large groups of items, including carts and sleds, foods, plastic items, and corpses.

That's all I have for today. Have a good night, all!


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I was actually wondering about the blue rot! I got it just the other day and I was confused to why as I had not had any kind of special encounter! I did, however, find some kind of bow on a corpse and pick it up just before contracting the disease. I traveled back to the glow and hit stage 3 LITERALLY 2 tiles from the gate. :P
Just wondering if I got the blue rot as a bug or if some items are actually infected or not?