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Lol just got confused ;) Downloaded the latest version and my first new char got an allergy...

What the hell is nasal allergy and how may it be treated?

And is there any search function in this forum? If yes, how to access it?

The top menu bar includes a Search option, Just below the word "Cryo Facility" in the header graphic:

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As amul said, top right part of the page is where you need to search :D

And the allergy, as far as I know, is actually an allergy-like effect caused by the direct contact with the spores of the Black Mold. The mold is a real world thing, and breathing it can cause such irritating reaction. In the game, inhaling it exist as one of the accidents that can happen during the scavenging. It's effects should go away after a while, on their own, and are not very dangerous unless you are also suffering from some other afflictions. Player can also prevent it from affecting him, by wearing a working gas mask.

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Ah ok both things clear now thank you. Strange didn´t see the Search button the day before and I did look very carefully? Must have been the Mold ;)