The Forest - Some more flexibility?

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The Forest - Some more flexibility?

I love the game and how I can forage around in the forest such as pick berries or set up traps for squirrels.

But I want some more flexibility concerning these.

For example, The first thing I do when I start a new character is that I make a spear. I would like to take that spear, go down to a lake or river, and then spear for fish.

Now, if i'm just your average joe thrashing about in the water trying to spear fish, the chances of getting one are slim.
However maybe if I had trapping it would increase the chances of me getting some fish.

Of course my spear would degrade with each try, like a crowbar does after I use it during scavenging.

I also had an idea that I could take a sling and use pebbles/stones to hunt for birds. However, instead of trapping, ranged would be used in this area.

I'd also think that it would be cool to have hostile animals like wolves. Maybe an event where you get attacked by a wolf and get injured with a possibility of contracting a disease. Hey, not all animals will run away.

I can't think of anymore ideas, but maybe you can pitch in and throw in some ideas for the pot. Or shoot me down on how stupid these ideas are.

Either way, i'm happy to hear it.

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There's a pretty good fishing mod already developed, if you want to be able to fish, then I suggest you go and take a look at it here.

As far as other types of hunting go, while it would be possible to add them in, they aren't a necessity, so you'll simply have to wait until the Dev is finished with the core game-play before suggesting any extraneous details to be added.

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Another use of forest could be placing traps and luring various creatures in there
Trapping+ some items could make near lethal traps for those @#$%& dogmen

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.