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So I was scavenging and found the duffle bag on a Looter I had just killed. At first I thought it would be better than the Yukon, but was disappointed. Is there any backstory to this? One last thing, Developers, please improve this so it seems like a real duffel bag.

Hell No!

It is worth noticing that the duffel bag goes into the different inventory slot than backpack - Yukon bag can be carried in the "backpack" slot while the RIOT bag goes into the "left shoulder" slot, the same one used by the Soft Birch Bag from the ATN enclave. So you can use both of the bags you mentioned at the same time - really hard thing to be disappointed about, since it it the best inventory space setup in the game :D

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I never realized that, thank you. The only problem now is finding a place to store my rifle.

Hell No!

really? i though you could only hold it in your hand! this plus yukon backpack op possibly? but i do suppose yukon is pretty rare still.

This is twice as rare as a yukon, actually. And that's really saying something now.

I love that we can use the left shoulder slot AND the right slot. I always have a birch bag now, which helps make up for the other items' new rarity.