[0.9931b] Bugs and Issues

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[0.9931b] Bugs and Issues

I have found a few bugs at a couple of story encounters.

1. When I try to contact Hatter at his office using the "consume/use" function on his keypad in his hex, nothing happens.

2. At the Saginaw Mental institute, When I agree to help the woman expose the bishop's impurity, I am told to go to the auditorium. When I go to the auditorium, I get no option to expose the bishop only to keep listening to the sermon. If I enter the auditorium again, the same text and options present themselves.

3. After I picked the lock on the door in the North wing, I was able to pick the safe, then I was teleported outside of the mental institute yet still on the same hex.

It should be noted that during this play through I only edited the amount of attributes that the character could have (all of the good ones) by changing the limit from 6x2 to 6x8.

I've also been stuck trying to resolve #2 (denounce the Bishop at Saginaw) myself today. Not sure if I'm missing something or if this is a bug that prevents the option appearing after agreeing to help the woman (Liza). Really enjoying that new location otherwise, so was sad I couldn't "complete" it. Also, because of this bug, is there thus currently no way to leave Saginaw alive if you join and say your name is Isaac (since you can't complete Liza's mission)?

Unrelated possible bug: I also noticed that if you get to the Merga Realm, you can take the items there "unlimited" times; the items appear on the ground after you leave as normal, but you can "take" them more than once meaning they appear in multiples when you exit the portal. Is that supposed to be the case or should you be limited to one copy of each item?

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I've found some typoes that most probably have been around for a while: "being" instead of "begin" and "repond" instead of "respond". They're on one of the later encounter screens you get when acting hostile at the entrance to ATN and being carried inside.

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Not sure if the last item overlap was fixed yet.

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I have my items in a travois, opened crafting, took it apart, then remade it because it was about to break.

Went back to the ground screen and noticed all of the items were placed on the ground in reverse order than how I had them in the travois. I put everything back into it, and moused-over my medical kit, and noticed that a stack of dust overlapped my glass shards. I had the dust placed sideways, but it's now facing the normal way.

I might have been this way earlier, because I had a problem with the scavenging button not working, being able to scavenge with 0.00 movement left, and boxes but no items on some hexes. I didn't enter the town yet.

(Edit) "same game/save file" - I noticed that the same thing happened to the plastic bag I had in there also, the medium string, recipes, and assorted small parts are overlapped. http://i.imgur.com/96DZbyU.png

When I moved the plastic bag from the travois to the hand slot, the medium string now go outside of the bag by one row.

The save file could be corrupt because this is the only time I've seen this happen in the newest update. I have a copy of it if you would like take a look at it.

Edge of the forest - Misspelling, 2nd page says "wends" instead of "winds"

Unless you are using the old english term?

Hey All! Thanks for the bug reports. It sounds like I still have some stabilizing to do!

@Alman556, have you interacted with Hatter before this? E.g. did you accept or complete any missions, negotiations, etc? I made some changes to Hatter's plot, and maybe I missed one of the combinations of choices.

For #2, this is indeed a bug. I forgot to add choices at that section for challenging the bishop. I've corrected that in the next build.

#3 is a bug, too. Looks like I forgot to add items to let the player choose their next step, causing the encounter to exit. This should also be fixed next build.

@Banjo, this is a mistake. I added some flags to the encounter to prevent revisiting those nodes that give items.

@linibot, found and fixed 'em!

@Grelko, I am able to repro that bug with a backpack in a travois and a rotated flashlight. Thanks for the detailed info! I'll start fixing that tomorrow.

Thanks for all the help finding these!

Edit: Also, "wend" is intentional. I like some of those old English terms :)

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For the Hatter bug, I used the Trapping option for the encounter, and ran into the same non-trigger as Alman. I was using the Steam public beta version.

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For the hatter bug, I gave him the security tape.

Cryo facility - Using electrician or mechanical. You can get unlimited recipes from the HVAC and lighting. Wasn't sure if this is intentional for the new players, but it's a "paper" exploit for fires, arrows etc.

@Grelko about the paper exploit: Apparently that's been known for a long while, but is so tiny that it seems to be of lower priority.

That aside, another typo. Playing with someone else forces you to see that game with different eyes it seems. :P In ATN, discussion with Michelle, "the" ponders instead of "she" ponders (or maybe you wanted to write the x person ponders?).

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And a heads up for one of those rando bugs that are impossible to repro. We "lost" the travois, as in, you could see the container and the items, but the actual travois wasn't there so there was no way move it to the camp or see its condition. Unfortunately I was watching the game, not playing, so I have no save. Exiting and restarting the game fixed it, so it's one of "those". We did get a screenshot, for what it's worth.

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Ah, found the Hatter bug. It was a missing condition when using Trapping/Tracking. That should be fixed next time.

I also found the cause of the rotated item in travois bug mentioned above. Looks like rotated items were missing rotation info when being cloned.

@Grelko, as linibot says, this is a known issue that just hasn't been prioritized highly yet. It's an exploit, but a minor one I'm willing to live with while bigger issues exist.

@linibot, got the typo fixed. It was meant to be "she" as you thought. As for the "rando" bug, I'll have to watch for that in testing. It's true there isn't much to go on, though this does seem rather unique compared to other item bugs.

Thanks again, all!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I also want to do my share ;)
1. Weather condition can be simply changed when saving and loading again without doing anything. For example had snow and when done with save and new load it was sun.

2. Hiding condition of enemies also changes with save and reload. So a player with bad find skill can still have a look in before by simply saving and reload the enemy than sometimes pop out.

3. Hvac Vent and Electric pannel can in camping window be moved to outside area to make more space.

4. Player was unconscious and bleeding, I could scavenge him and did. Because wanted to test something I simply pressed surrender then. Suddenly I had nothing (ok is clear I put everything down) but the other player took everything and was up again moving away with all my things. I followed and made a new fight he was indeed hurt and bleeding (so it was my victim ;), ... but its not logical that he was up the moment I gave him everything...

5. Staring the game I tried at first to automatically make a broad spear. I did not in advance shredded my medical gown. The computer automatically choose to do this together with the making of the spear. But when I was ready the spear was there but all other resources (strings and rags) were missing.

6. I can still dodge, parry, tackle, dive enemies that are fallen and unconscious. As well as build obstacles (which I could understand if they work later, should the enemy get conscious again (not yet happened).

Also some questions (maybe bugs) because they might not be bugs...?
B1. Is a hex with a shed always usable to scavange shacks? If yes, then sometimes there is no shag to scavange.

B2. The simply rest and heal button only comes when hurt. Is that intentional? Because what to do if you want to stay in camp (because of bonus) but not sleep?

B3. Some single water drops can´t be stacked with other single ones.

B4. Automatically crafting tannin tea gives possibility to use a broken whiskey bottle as pot?

B5. Automatically crafting clean rags it nearly destroyed my worn hide gloves. Still had about 50 dirty rags but it took the gloves... Maybe there should be some question tag before that like "do you really want to take your worn equipment for that?".

B6. Apart from that I think using automatic crafting should always at first take those things for crafting that are most intelligent in respect to what is available at the place, in inventory and mostly endless. For example (besides that upper example B5) I was in a wood and had lots of things to start a fire from the forest ressources without using anything from my inventory. Still taking the automatic crafting from the recipe tree he took paper, not twigs or event that things in abundance like rags... No he took the most useful for arrows... It is minor and as long as player takes care simply annoying but maybe it can be changed simply (don´t know).

B7. I can take Twigs and sticks from forest without paying Movement for it? I think that is unlogical. Go into a forest and search for the right piece of wood (dry with dry kindling) to do things even fire, that is needing some time.

B8. If enemies come into your hex and youre awake and standing in all your things it is not logical that they can take nearly everything as well as put on trousers before fighting. I mean it is ok if they simply grab a weapon or one thing from the ground but the rest seems strange.

B9. Isn´t a large branch supposed to be brackable into smaller ones? Thought I could do that in earlier versions?

B3. Some single water drops can´t be stacked with other single ones.

I've had this happen when trying to take/drop or drag the single droplets into a bottle or on the ground.

Is it possible that they won't stack together even though they are unidentified because they are different types? "infected etc"

(Which could be the reason this happens while crafting, when using the water tester)

If you have unidentified water "let's say 10", open crafting and use the water tester. Sometimes it'll have the arrow so you can switch to get another result from but, after there is only 1 "type" of water left at the top even though they all still say unidentified, "lets say the last 4 are all going to be infected" then the arrow will disappear and the rest of the water will be the same type.

Basically it means that if the water tester doesn't have the arrow to switch to another "result" page, the rest of the water at the top right is all going to be the same kind after testing it. You can figure out what all of the other droplets are going to be, by testing 1 more droplet.

Does the water tester already know what all types of water is at the top before you actually test it?

B8. If enemies come into your hex and youre awake and standing in all your things it is not logical that they can take nearly everything as well as put on trousers before fighting. I mean it is ok if they simply grab a weapon or one thing from the ground but the rest seems strange.

To add to this, when you are in combat, if you go into your inventory to get/switch items, you can also switch to your vehicle and place it on the ground, so that when you go back to the battle screen, you don't have to click "drop vehicle"

New ones ;)

1. During an Encounter I Talked with an ATN and parted in Peace. Then moved onto the next field (all in 1 round which I think is important in this situation) where an enemy was but could not automatically engage it in combat. Also could not see any sign of scavenging items or body. The ATN then moved to this hex too and prompted the combat screen. There I saw that the other person was unconscious and fallen. I think it is a mistake, that I can see the unconscious person but not engage it, or is it normal? Ah now I see he is unconcsious from sleeping and is a bad mutha. Because I thought either I can´t see him because he is well hidden or I should be able to interact with him. Normally I think it should trigger something when I moved to the hex by opening the combat screen even when he can´t do anything. Or am I mistaken? Maybe the parting in Peace with the ATN did not trigger the event...

2. In the aforementioned Fight I attacked the Bad Mutha which was like 3 fields from me and the ATN too attacked the Bad Mutha by charging and tackle. But the ATN is 36 fields away from me! Somehow that isn´t possible. How can they combat when he is so far from me and therefore at least in my calculation also from each other? And yes they did hit each other, fall over one another and in the end die because of one another!

3. And another very big and ugly one! I do have to say I like to have it because it gives you lots of more space ;) I also noticed you allready changed it but not completely and forgot a place. You can still place the duffle riot bags fully packed with things inside the backpack if the backpack is in the normal "backpack" slot. I know all the other ones don´t funktion any more, but this one does :)

4. Got a strange half-waking... kind of thing. Screen tells me something approaches while I slumber, than I got this kind of combat screen where I can search for something and when I pressed an action there, suddenly my player again slipps into dreams and sleeps on...? Is this wanted like that? So to say I wake, don´t think it is going to kill me and pass out again?

5. When having 2 drops of sterilized water and drinking one of them by pushing button"2" and mouse klicking, then the other drop sometimes changes into not any more sterilized. Maybe it does so in conjunction to the drop jumping to the first open space in the window?

6. Is it meant to be like that, that you cannot craft a quality torch by placing some kind of shirt or trousers into crafting screen? If yes that is strange because the rags you get from shirt and trousers can be used...

7. Some of my enemies can always run from me. Even if I got athletics and 5 moves and they should not have. In my opinion they should be able to run until they don´t have movement points and then only fighting is the option. Btw think that should be the case for player characters too! It´s stupid if you can always run when able to get out of combat mode. Sometimes you simply have to stand your ground or die trying ;)

8. After I search some places with houses and shed (especially in wood) they were not available as sleeping place. Is that meant to be like it?

And just took a look if maybe the things I already noted in the Bug report for version 0.992b are already changed in the newer version and so here is some update from there that is in my opinion still wrong...

1B. I can still make traps and obstacles for enemies running away from me and it mostly trips them... They are sometimes even four or more moves far from me and I get them. Kind of nice for me and bad for them ;)

2B. Also my enemies still get beaten so hard by me, that even unconscious they get farther when I hit them one more time so I have to get after them. Number 4 in other bug report.

3B. I can still make more than one Item around my neck slot. For example got binoculars as well as scope. I think that is not wanted? But noticed now that if I got a third one for example copper beads it can only be changed. Still already have the wraith necklace so all summed up I got three sometimes kind of big things dangling around my poor neck ;)

I once shot a dog-man with one arrow and when I picked it up I had two with the same durability.