New Test Build 0.9931b: Fixes and Balance Patch, Also OOO This Week

I've just finished uploading new test beta 0.9931b, which fixes and balances several of the issues found in the most recent major update (v0.993b).

The build is available to anyone who owns the beta at, or on Desura and Steam. Desura (and therefore, Groupees) users can use Desura Connect to gain access here, or even get their Steam keys and try it on Steam.

To access the test build on the official site, simply visit the beta page, and click any of the download links below the usual Windows, Mac, and Linux buttons.

Steam users can access the test build by opting into the beta for it.

Updates Included in the Test Beta

Test beta 0.9931b includes the following changes:

  • Added new item property 88 to ignore subgroups when stacking items. (e.g. like recipes and headlines)
  • Added code to make chance of disease transfer in battle depend on ratio of current range to transfer range.
  • Changed creature spawning rates to be weighted by new "fWeight" field in game data.
  • Changed creature spawning rates to reduce skewing towards creatures with variants (e.g. Blue Frogs).
  • Fixed Blue Rot, Smallpox, Pneumonia, and Hepatitis from stacking multiple stages on same creature.
  • Fixed a bug that caused override data to be ignored when applied to template-based items (e.g. camps, data).
  • Fixed a bug that caused craft confirm button tooltip on non-crafting pages sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused crafted output items to be missing software sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "SetImmunity" to ignore ID namespaces in mods.
  • Fixed a bug that caused return to Zom Zom's to delete confiscated items.
  • Fixed a bug that caused confiscate to throw null pointer error if used a second time during a play session. (e.g. Zom Zom's stuck bug)
  • Fixed typo in Zom Zom's.
  • Fixed a bug that caused gas mask cartridges to not fit on ground.

Most of these are fixes for improved stability, though a few should make modding more effective. The rest are primarily balance tweaks.

Blue Rot was becoming a bit too common and lethal, so I reduced the chances of transmitting it in battle. That, and I also adjusted creature spawn rates so we saw more regionally-significant creatures, instead of seeing more creatures simply because they had lots of variants to choose from.

OOO This Week

Also, I am going to be out of the office for the rest of this week, visiting family. I should have periodic email access over the duration, in case of emergencies. And I will be back at work on Monday morning. Just a heads-up in case anyone wonders why I'm so quiet for a few days!

As always, let me know what you think of the changes, and if you notice any issues with the new build!