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Hi there, as you all know when the riath pops up your basicly dead So this is a petion for them to remove the wriath





I do not know what the ultimate purpose is of the wraith. But I have never managed to beat it. Not with full DMC armour and using a DMC shotgun with 30 slugs. Not with my .45 pistol and emptying 7 stacks of 7 bullets at it (both times with Ranged as a skill). Never have I managed to kill it.

So I might tend to agree that it should be nerfed a bit... IF it's supposed to be beatable eventually (I can't imagine being any more powerful than I was at the time).

It can be killed. One time I walked into a group of DMC and summoned it, the guards kept attacking it while it was going after me. It then gave me a choose of entering a portal but I didn't. So it is possible to kill it and do something after it died.

nope. killed and i got nothing. there is also a thread where a person copied and pasted the fighting text. find that there is no portal and he defiantly killed it.

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Yes, the Wraith is completely beatable, you just need a solid critical hit on it.

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After you kill it, a portal opens that allows you to enter Merga's Realm.
In Merga's realm, players have the option of spying on several other wraiths working in the distance and examining several different items that appear to be related to supernatural phenomenon, however....upon examining the first object several wraiths appear and start moving towards the player's position forcing the player to escape back through the portal he arrived in.

No, the Wraith is not OP, the wraith is an enemy you never have to encounter if you don't want to, and as it's a primary component of the game's story will not and should not ever be removed.
This "petition" is quite frankly......a failure on almost every level possible.

Oh, and OP even managed to spell "Wraith" wrong Every. Single. Time
Not to be rude, but that is frankly insulting.

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You are not forced to fight it unless you summon it. There's no need to remove it or even nerf it because it's an optional fight.

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I'm not sure, but I have a feeling this is a troll.

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