[Mini-Mod]M(m)MoD[v0.58]+Extended NeoScav[v1.3] Merge Mod

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[Mini-Mod]M(m)MoD[v0.58]+Extended NeoScav[v1.3] Merge Mod


Download and Install Mighty(mini)Mod of Doom.
Download and Install Extended NeoScav.
After that download this mod. When asked to overwrite getmods.php confirm it.
In the end your game folder should contain M(m)MoD,MagicMirror,MoDZero,NeoScavExtended,0 and Merge folders.

Please report bugs that you encounter in mod merge and don't encounter in separate mods in this thread.

file is broken

Works fine for me.

You need 7-Zip to open it though.

Hey DnaJur is your mod merge compatible with the latest versions of both mods?(Neo Scav Extended is at 0.9)

I decided to wait until NeoScav Extended updates to v1.0 before updating this mod.

Daaamn...I really wanted to grab them both,now that Chiko updated almost all the features.Any chance you could guide me manually to make them work togheter?

Update bump.

How do I run both of these mods at the same time? Could you write me a step by step guide?

So is this working without issues currently?

Will you update the mod to all current versions?

Update bump.

Needs to be brought up to date

Please update this, those two mods rock!


Yeah, Could you please update this as the two mods has now undergone some major changes, all this Getmod adding is way over my head... Would be amazing if it had Steam Workshop that did this for us ._.


Can i get confirmation if this mod still works? been a lot of updates since.

This might be the best survival game on the market.

No way that would work, after all those changes.

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Yeah... i knew it was wishful thinking to be honest.

This might be the best survival game on the market.