Bug Fixing v0.993b, and Upcoming OOO

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It's technically a long weekend here in Canada, but I decided to work today since I'll be OOO later this week on a family gathering. As such, I won't be working on Wednesday through Friday, but I'll be back at work Monday morning (11th). Just a heads-up, in case I seem slow to respond later in the week!

As for gamedev stuff, I had some time today to start looking into bugs players have reported in v0.993b (as well as those I haven't fixed yet from previous versions).

For the DMC guard sniper tagging the player when the player is hidden, this one's tricky to solve without doing the sniper overhaul, too. I'll have to think about whether to tackle that now, or put it off a bit. I have a bigger solution in mind for making the DMC special ability more realistic, but I don't want to start it until I know I'll have time to finish it.

Zom Zom's crashing turned out to be a bigger issue, and caused a null-pointer bug in most cases. It happened when items were confiscated anytime after the first confiscate in a game session. I've found and fixed the issue, but since it's a null-pointer bug, it could be causing some of the other weirdness we're seeing (particularly wonky UI issues, unexpected or missing items, etc.).

There was also a secondary issue in that encounter which caused the player to lose their items, but I think this bug wouldn't be reachable due to the aforementioned crash. This will be fixed in the next version, too.

I added some code to stop creatures from re-acquiring Blue Rot once they had a later stage of it, a bug causing the craft button tooltip to appear on other pages, and a bug that caused software to sometimes be missing in crafting recipe outputs.

Finally, I fixed a slight issue in the "SetImmunity" modding feature, so it should now support namespaces (e.g. cross-referencing other mods)

I still have several bugs to wade through, but I feel progress is being made. Hopefully, that continues tomorrow!