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Subforums within Modding forum

Right now the modding forum is a bit of a mess, and I imagine the problem will only get worse as the community grows. The problem is that there's currently no division between mod releases, modding discussion, and mod requests/ideas. The latter category is really what's clogging up the forum right now, since everybody has ideas but few people actually want to do the work of bringing them to fruition. I think some subforums for the different topic types (i.e. mod releases, modding discussion, mod requests/ideas) would make things easier to use both now and in the future.

It's not a big deal right now (since the modding forum is barely 4 pages) but I think it's worth considering as the game's community grows. I plan on modding this game and I'd like to browse the modding forum without sifting through a bunch of requests every time.

Yeah, that's a good idea. The bare minimum would be "Ideas", "Discussions" and "Mod releases", as SavageTech proposes, with possibility of (or outright separation from the start) splitting of "Discussion" into actual "Discussion" and "Modding Tutorials" and "Mod releases" into the "Released Mods" and "Mods - WIP".

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That's a really good idea. I've gone ahead and made a new forum container specifically for modding, and added three subforums to it. The old modding forum will now be the general mod talk forum, and there are now subs for ideas/requests and finished/WIP. We can further subdivide later, if necessary.

I'll start moving a few of the posts into the appropriate subs now. Thanks, guys!

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