[0.993] Bugs and Issues

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[0.993] Bugs and Issues

I guess that might be a known bug, but will drop it now as a remainder:

- As I was sleeping near the DMC Gate the guard came upon me and called in sniper before we could talk, effectively getting me banned from the city (before I even acquired the access into it).

- maybe not a bug, but are mobile houses supposed to show up on the hut in the forest hexes?

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- Game stopper at Zom Zom's:
I ran into an issue where, upon returning to Zom Zom's, choosing Spectator, then opting just to continue without giving up an item, I got the "Uh oh, you have no items to give" dialog, then get the dialog that I get my hand stamped and get a chit for confiscated items. I am unable to proceed beyond this point, Confirm does nothing.

If it's at all relevant, I had a couple of items in the storage box already, as I was going to test to see if NPCs would be able to steal from it.

Also, of random amusement, it's possible to put Zom Zom's inside of the storage box. You can Empty it to get it back, I just found it amusing.

Save & Quit / Continue doesn't fix the issue.

- Typo:
"You're safest bet is to go" from Zom Zom's -> "Your"

Returning as stock also stops your game at encounter 142("Hand" she demands...).

Also had a few UI bugs.

Number One
Number Two

Returning as Spectator and giving an item also stops the game.

Effectively, Zom Zom's is no longer a place to eat. Well, not after the first encounter at least.

You can eat without returning to watch the show I think (the options on return are Eat, Go in and Leave).
But the bug indeed gets you trapped.

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Tried "I can take care of myself" and "Want more barbeque" and both eventually lead to game stoppers, regardless of if you choose stock, spectator, or spectator and then fail to have items.

I checked to see if maybe it was because I had items sitting in the lockbox, but emptying it didn't help.

The box cannot be destroyed, so I couldn't check to see if maybe it was a fail somewhere in the confiscation part.

Haven't been on in a while, so I'm not sure if this a known bug.

0.993 After a couple days, I start finding DMC pistols laying around. I haven't checked to see if they are using different weapons in a fight.

Here's an odd subtle one.

I have Khaki cargo pants on, but if I take them off, the temperature goes up instead of down.

It seems that when you put on the khaki pants, the green/red on the temperature bar doesn't switch colors "unless you put on another piece of clothing first?", then the temperature green/red works backwards. (But so far, I've only had this happen with the Khaki pants)

http://i.imgur.com/KsvKPbl.png ,

Hey guys, thanks for the bug info so far! I think I'll probably try to patch a few more bugs and minor things before I start work on the next major encounter. So hopefully I can get these fixed and uploaded soon.

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There is a bug in a way that diseases work. Namely Blue Rot. In my recent play-through I was infected with that stuff and it progressed to Blue Rot 3. But on my way to find a cure, I encountered few Preachers and contracted it once again - my character had both Blue Rot 2 and Blue Rot 3 at the same time. I guess that should not happen.

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i can verify that -> https://i.imgur.com/OIcMimB.png

You're right that it's not supposed to happen. I forgot to add immunity to earlier phases in the later phases, so I'll have to add that. (Originally, there were so few causes of Blue Rot that this never came up.)


Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games