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General Game ideas

Hello Dan, I appreciate your effort on improving game in story, AI, encounters parts of the game, but there are some aspects that can improve it, but half of them cannot be done by modding (i think). So here is my welter list:

-Inventory items limit:
-Usefull for guns, if you want to make several that use same ammo. Gun will have 1 slot with limit of 1 item (single chambered bullet or a magazine, and magazine can have x limit of bullets).
-Water. You can have dropplets of same size (like 0.1 l. or 0.05 l.) but bottles will hold different ammount (i.e. plastic bottle will hold 5 drops and glass one will hold 10).
-Item attachments:
-scopes, shoulder straps will have their own slots and can decay on their own (hand-made will now have less quality than found ones). (maybe it allow for less item IDs?)
-Not just consuming item to get it to 100% but repairing by a certain percent. (it can add more use for mechanic skill) (i thought of it because i was thinking of implementing lighter refiller into my game)
-Attack modes:
-Some type of swinging speed, comfortable handling or spread can give melee weapons unique style.
-Bigger damage spread (it seems that difference between punch and rifle butt is small but it needs more testing).
-Some minor ones:
-Single trees in urban hexes/fields.
-Pools, ponds, puddles with limitted water instead of random drops.
-Same for berry bushes so they won't decay before you harvest them.
-More urban hexes and slower scavenging (I can scavenge 5 buildings in 1 hour? I would prefer to set up camp somewhere in the city and explore ruins for a day or 2).
-Sealed water/pill bottles, cans (last can use sharp point to open).
-Bandages in medkits (It can be 1x2 and stack up to 5 so it would be more convenent to carry them than rags).
-Silly ones:
-Torch ass weapon (first thing to do when I met dogman with torch i my hand was to scare him off with fire).
-Smaller multitool (why not, I dont think it is as thick as water bottle).
-Socks ( :-) at least little tiny code for them)

That was it, hope it wasn't horrible to read and have a nice day.