[Mod request] Slav mod

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[Mod request] Slav mod

List of clothes we totally need

-Derby cap
-Ushanka (Preferably with option to toggle flaps up and down)
-Spetsnaz helmet (with visor, because it looks cooler http://www.rusmilitary.com/images/maska_spetsnaz.jpg)
-Fur coats
-Suits from STALKER

List of items we totally need

-Vodka (Painkiller, disinfectant, and sleep aid. Would be easy, retexture whiskey and add a few new effects)
-Carp (Can be fished from lakes and ponds with a fishing pole or spear, used as food)
-Bear meat (A super manly food)

List of weapons we totally need

-AK-47 (Most well known Slav gun)
-AK-74 and AKS-74U (Super well known and also Slav)
-PPSH-41 (A classic)
-Dragunov (Also well known)
-Mosin Nagant (Almost as well known as Kalash)
-VSS Vintorez (Really cool looking gun)

List of enemies we totally need

-Bears wearing ushankas
-Bears wearing ushankas and telnyashkas

And snow/blizzard !

AARRggh !

I'm not sure how serious you are about this, but I'd be happy to take a crack at it soon. I know I'm rather new here, but I have modding experience (not with this game obviously, but I'm no stranger to modding in general), and I'm not too shabby in Photoshop, even if I do say so myself. Give me a little while to learn just how modding in this game works, which seems to be mostly xml editing, which isn't too hard, and neither is sprite art (at least when compared to 3D modeling), and I'll see what I can do. I was thinking of making something in a Post-Apocalyptic Russia anyway.

P.S. Sorry for my run-on sentences, I have long thoughts, commas are my best friend.

It would be a lot of work, but I would love to play a "total conversion" of NeoScavenger set in a snowy world map. From what I can see, it would be 100% possible to make, too... just very time consuming!

Alternately, a "radiation soaked" map akin to the STALKER game themes, with a geiger counter, radiation suits and anti-radiation drugs.

Or a Metro style setting that combines both with underground communitues?

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